Official The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by 505Games, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Tunnel King

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    Do you ask for refunds for everything you get tired of using?

    There will still be a bug fix/stabilizing update, and that version will be playable as long as your device still works. I doubt that you qualify for a refund, but feel free to contact Sony about it.
  2. ArticReaper

    ArticReaper Official Terrarian

    I very very much doubt you would. Just cause you wont play it any more.

    If the game was broken that would be different. But asking for that at this point is like asking for a refund on the xbox 360 or Original xbox or Ps2 or Ps3.

  3. Noobyboy110

    Noobyboy110 Terrarian

    Pls try to let Xbox 369 have it I only have a Xbox 360 this sucks I has to freaking hype to read this then I started to cry;(;(;(;(;(;(:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:;(;(;(;(;(:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  4. Leinfors

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    From what the post says, they've spent an extensive period of time looking into this, and the Xbox 360 is simply not going to be able to run the game at an adequate level. Its not a matter of "please", its a hardware limitation of a 11 year old system that is long past its prime, unfortunately.
  5. Revolving Ocelot

    Revolving Ocelot Terrarian

    No. There's gonna be a final bug fix update and then no more updates.

    At this point, everyone really should just upgrade asap. Old Gen is done.
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  6. Ruin

    Ruin Plantera

    Well, there goes one reason to use my Vita. Odd choice, guys. I understand last gen consoles, but the Vita is the only other hand-held on the market right now. Even if it was a flop financially, it's not lacking in power. Oh well. (Not implying I don't understand the reason, of course.)

    If nothing else, I'm happy the current consoles will definitely receive 1.3 (eventually).
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  7. Smith27

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  8. ClearConscious

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  9. DXOS3

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    Well that escalated quickly. Don't get too excited, still gotta wait for another year. Glad my Xbox One just came in so I can be ready to play this as soon as it comes in. :p
  10. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

    This is fantastic news!
  11. ComixTheNoob

    ComixTheNoob King Slime

    Can we have like higher res images or no? Also can we load our pc characters from steam cloud to console? EDIT: Will that code redo also enable pc and console cross-play?
  12. MarthKoopa

    MarthKoopa Terrarian

    Does the reset mean that the console's crafting UI is going to be scrapped for the PC version? Because that would be horrible.

    And when you port the PC controller code over, make sure to fix the horribly slow inventory navigation that doesn't recognize quick successive stick/pad input if the PC version never fixes it itself.

    And don't forget the PS4's touchpad zoom/in out function

    The good crating UI, zooming, PROPER controller support, better map revealing, and splitscreen co-op are the main reasons console Terraria is fantastic and fun to play
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  13. Oakato

    Oakato Terrarian

    Is the 3DS version expected to eventually reach something equivalent to 1.3? What about the Wii U version?

    I guess this rules out Terraria: Otherworld for Vita, then? Is that game even in development still? It was being made by Engine Software and as this announcement shows, that working relationship appears to be over.
  14. Mr.Crash

    Mr.Crash Terrarian

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  15. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Awesome, awesome news. Nice job guys!
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  16. Whatofit

    Whatofit Terrarian

    So sad for the 1400 people who I turn the vita on with an open lobby so they can grab stuff . Good news is engine is going away (4 years too late if you ask me ) and I can't wait to see if a new team can do any better at least the bar is set real low for them.
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  17. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    It doesn't really affect me that much, but I STILL don't understand how the xbox, a console DESIGNED for playing games, is outclassed by a :red:ing rectangle that can literally fit in your hand.
  18. LinkSans2000

    LinkSans2000 Steampunker

    EPIC!!! Been waiting SO LONG for 1.3 on Mobile!
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  19. zouper_masson

    zouper_masson Terrarian

    Is this September patch/fix for the Vita will allow us to configure our controls ?
    You did announced such a feature and right now playing a shooting class is pretty bad on Vita as you can't jump and aim at the same time...

    Also the Ps Vita was released in Dec 2011 in Japan, less than 5 years ago, not 12...
    So i think you could just say you are stopping support period.
    I just hope this patch will fix the game but i can't help my self to think i'm a bit naive here...
  20. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Those rectangles get more and more advanced every year, but Xbox 360 hasn't improved in 11 years. Just as an example, the Xbox 360 has only 512 MB of RAM, while my iPhone has 1 GB.

    Its even been said recently that some Mobile devices with less than 1 GB ram using the most recent version may encounter performance issues, so its not a Console exclusive thing here. Terraria's running needs grow with each update, and the hardware has to keep up, whether it be PC, Mobile, or Console.