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Official The TCF 1st Anniversary Contest Entry Thread

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I just love the way that luminite and martian conduits have connected textures, I feel like using them everywhere :p
Capture 2015-07-25 15_04_15.png

This is a building i made after deciding that i wanted to make an expensive house, and so i used the most rare and luxurious blocks i could think of at the time, and built from there. It was also my first building that i made for looks instead of functionality, and it was really fun to play around with the new blocks
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Vulpes Inculta

Empress of Light
Here's my entry for the writing category. I'm not too proud of it, but it's something. I may add more to it or just scrap it completely down the road. It's definitely a fairly dark piece, which was intended.

He gasped. A ghastly look covered his face, he stared wide-eyed at the final blow to his body. “No no no no no no,” he screamed, “this can’t be happening, I was supposed to win!” He furiously grabbed at the arrow protruding from his abdomen. He knew it was too late. He fell to his knees. Blood spouted from his mouth as he fell to the ground, bellowing in pain. Despair was the last thing to cover his cloudy eyes. The heroes watched his body slumped on the ground, their eyes filled with pity yet contempt.

“It’s over,” exclaimed Strider, “it’s finally over.” He fell to the ground, letting out a tiresome sigh.

Slyther turned from the temple, eyes like rockets headed straight for the sun. For there are no words that can describe the look of horror in his eyes. Fear would not do his grief justice. “No….” he trembled, “it’s only begun…” He paused. Tripping over his words, as if he were trying to run away… run away from the unspeakable horrors that lie ahead. “We’ve defeated the Lunatic Cultist, but that was only the beginning. He was only a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Only a follower to the one, true demon. For he is subservient to the legend….. the creator, if you must, of this whole thing.”

The sky cracked. The clouds whipped. The fog rolled down the horizon. A sudden darkness pierced the sky, blanketing all above but the bright, emotionless moon above. With this, four pillars appeared out of thin air. Each with it’s own unique color and texture, akin in looks to a giant antlion; they hovered in the air menacingly. Varying creatures started spawning like rabbits, surrounding the pillars like guards on patrol. The scene unfolding right before their very eyes seemed so surreal; like something they’d read in a book as a child.

Hopelessness had manifested inside the heroes. The kind of hopelessness that eats away at one's soul. The kind that leaves you wide-eyed and empty on the inside, turning your pupils into holes bigger and blacker than the deepest, darkest pits of the underworld itself. The creatures before them had pierced a hole right into the hearts of the heroes. What little hope they had, had been turned to dust.

Xeratous stared at the unfolding scene in shock. He turned to Slyther. “It-- It can’t be. I was told it was only a legend. Only a TALE! I was to believe it was some stupid myth kids told one another to freak them out! You can’t surely be serious.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He thought Slyther was surely crazy.

“I wish I wasn’t. The Moon Lord is very real, and his minions have begun to spawn. There’s no stopping it now. We must go on, if we ever wish to think of seeing our families again.”

“What do you mean go on? We can’t seriously take them on!” bursted Strider, “We can barely fight!”

“I’m afraid we have no choice. Everything we've done up to now has been leading up to this very moment. Everything we've worked so hard to achieve and defeat was working towards this one goal. I'm afraid it’s do or die.”

The heroes looked around in disdain. They bided their time by sitting around, contemplating the horrors they inescapably had to face. As they sat for what seemed like hours, the creatures continued to spawn at an alarming rate. They knew that loafing around any longer would only make it an even more impossible task, so they decided to gear up. They scavenged the area for anything they could find. The now deceased bodies of the cultists offered little of use to them, other than clothes. They reluctantly had decided to go into the dungeon to find something to use, but were greeted with nothing but useless books and cobwebs. They pushed on. After what seemed like forever, they had found some weapons of use inside the dungeon. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Frustrated, they’d prepared to move. They knew they had to move on, they had no choice. What they were doing was suicidal, the thought of returning to their previous lives was to them a foolish one. The people and things they once loved seemed lost, never to be found again.

Slyther clutched his necklace in his hand and stared at it. His daughter had just been born. His family had only just begun. He lamented at what once was, what will cease to be anymore. The picture inside would be last he’d ever see of them, but that’s not what he was fighting for. He knew that this mission would be his last, but he didn’t want it to be for naught. He was fighting for his family’s will to live. They were fighting for their families will to live because they knew, that if they failed, everything would be lost. Everything they had fought so hard for up until this very moment would have been a waste. Even if they wouldn’t live to see the light of morning, they wanted to ensure their enemy wouldn’t either.

The heroes stared at each other. Each understood that this was their one and only shot. Each knew that this was the time, the place, the moment that no one shall ever forget. They stared forward, into the unknown abyss that lie ahead. Into the heart of darkness. Into their fear. Into their destiny, they went.
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The Mysterious One
Creative Writing:
“Admiral, sir. The fleet is approaching the target.”

“Excellent.” Andrews grunted. “Inform the fleet to begin exiting hyperspace. And get Officer Reynolds in here immediately.” The crewman hurried off through the metallic doors nervously.

The admiral stared at the blinking monitor in front of him. The deep humming of machinery filled the cabin. The monitor contained information on all the ships in his fleet, allowing him to communicate with all of his captains, their vessels, and the high-powered weapons that they brought with them. And in the center of the screen, was a box that contained all the information The Alliance had on It.

The admiral stared at that blank box for what felt like the hundredth time. Underneath, there was an annotation that read: “Target is extremely dangerous. Approach with caution.”

Just as a sliver of doubt entered Andrews’ mind, the doors slid open smoothly and the head officer of the weapons and tech division strode in.

“Sir,” The officer stated with an air of self-importance. “We will be in range of the objective in less than an hour.”

The Admiral nodded firmly, but a thin film of sweat began to appear on his forehead. But why? This thing had wiped out a few relatively uninhabited border planets, yes. But The Alliance had enough firepower to destroy planets. The martians they had sent packing last year knew that all too well.

“Admiral.” said Reynolds, jerking Andrews back to reality. “Weapons are ready, and we are in position. The fleet is awaiting your command.”

The Admiral swallowed, failing to relieve his dry throat. “Very well, tell them—”

He was interrupted a piercing beeping sound. One-tenth of the green dots on the monitor indicating his ships had turned red.

“Sir?” Officer Reynolds asked hesitantly. “What’s going on?”

“It can’t be. This… this isn't possible.” Another group of the green dots flashed red. Andrews pressed down on button activating the communication system. Static. Officer Reynold’s eyes widened.

“Admiral, what’s happening?”

The Admiral was just about to answer the obvious: he didn’t have a :red:ing clue, when the ship gave a sudden lurch and he was knocked off his feet. The sound of screeching metal could be heard in the distance. Red lights flashed, and the piercing sounds of alarms and warnings continued. Andrews willed himself to forget the panic that was pressing in on him, and stumbled towards the main control panel. He hurriedly input the combination of buttons that opened the blast shields of the cockpit and allowed him to look outside the cabin.

Against the pitch-black nothingness that was space, there was chaos. Explosions fired at regular intervals. Enormous hunks of the wreckage floated by, burning. And suddenly it was gone—replaced by darkness. The darkness slowly slid away and the admiral stared into the eye of existence in its purest form. He felt his humanity dissipating. He gave one last, longing look towards the stars. And then emptiness.


The Elder One and the four devotees approached the decrepit castle warily. Shattered vases and burnt tomes littered the ground. A patch of fresh dirt had been upturned near a collapsed wall. It seems that they were not the only ones who had been here recently. Gravediggers and thieves, searching for treasures long-since buried, most likely.

As the group of robed men picked their way through the ruins to the pillared entrance of the keep of the castle, the shaggy packhorse let out a cry of lament.

Poor animal, thought the priest. It had been towing the large, cracked tablet for several miles without rest and the creature was exhausted. Its journey was soon at an end, the Elder sensed, if the loyal creature did not stop and rest. But then again, so was everyone else's if they did not reach the sacred grounds in time.

He placed his hand on the beast’s side and channeled some of his own power into the animal. The horse sniffled and its step hastened. The Elder One shook his head sadly.

As they entered the gate, he led them onward. Finally, he found the spot he was looking for. He gestured for his disciples to clear away the debris and make room for what was about to take place. There were runes engraved in the bricks in this part of the pavilion, runes very similar to the ones that inscribed the edges of the stone tablet that now sat in the middle of the decay.

As he laid down the wax candles, he recalled the day he was chosen to be the new Elder. The day his predecessor lay dying, telling him what he must do when this day came. He began to sweat under the heavy blue robes.

Once the candles were arranged carefully around the tablet, he nodded to his followers. They began the familiar low, rhythmic chant. The high-priest muttered a few words and the candles flared. A faint glow began pulsating from the tablet as it began to ascend and the chanting grew louder. He said the words. They echoed all around him. It was going to work. They would be safe.

And then, the chanting stopped. The Elder One’s concentration faltered and he spun around. Standing in front of him was a man in shimmering armor, holding a sword drenched in blood, a look of hunger in his eyes. As the head toppled from the corpse of the last disciple, the Elder One let out of a cry of anguish.

“No, you mustn't!” he screamed. The yell was muffled by the white mask; now splattered with droplets of red as the blade slit open his throat.


The warrior stood at the Edge of the World, his blade drawn. His armor shimmered in the light of the fading suns. It was getting closer. He could feel it… It was almost here. All these years; fighting his enemies, exploring the unnatural, and building the impossible—it all culminated to this. His purpose. His destiny.

As the light of the suns finally went out, the ground beneath him started to shake violently. The burning inside of him came to life again.

As the warrior saw the horror that now filled the sky and descended upon him; he understood. And for the first time, that warrior felt true exhilaration.
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This is my official submission.
TCF 1st Birthday Entry MK 2.png

This was my attempt at cooking a layered marble cake, with brilliant white icing and some chocolate cookies.
But as you can plainly see, I did a horrible job of the cooking. Just look at the uneven layering and sloppy icing work.

Oh, and one of the fizzlers appears to be faulty. Stupid fizzler.

Did I mention that building sloped letters is hard?

(I've also included the map view, but it is only here for dexterity.)
TCF 1st Birthday Entry MK 2 Map View.jpg
Capture 2015-09-27 17_11_13.png
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Writing category

I was playing 1.3 and found a solar tablet so I used it expecting waves and waves of swamp things then I found out it was changed... AND I LOVE THE NEW SOLAR ECLIPSE its so fun the drops from mothron AMAZING its so much fun the enemy's are PERFECTLY fine tuned for exactly when you get them its just one of the best designed things in the game


I'm entering a cropped version of my story Lunatics of a Cultist for the Writing section:

I didn't know it had to come to this. I really didn't. I tought that the Seals would be powerful enough. But now... I'm not sure anymore. That monster... it destroyed everything. Everything we did. All for naught.

I am the Ancient Cultist. A long time ago my story begins...

It had always been there. The cursed creature. No-one knew where it came from. It was constantly razing destruction wherever it could go. Our cult was created in order to subdue it. We build a giant dungeon to seal away Its minions. After we did that we sealed It away. We put it in a Temple made by the Lizard People, telling them it was their deity. They accepted it. It was a lie, the statue we build was a safekeep to defend the world against It and hide the Planet from outsiders.

Once we sealed both away, we began to create the additional seals. First we created the Plant. The Plant was intended to ensure that the Temple would remain closed.

Then we recieved reports. Reports about remnants of It. We decided to create three other seals in order to protect the Plant. The Twin Eyes, based of one of the creatures eyes were intended to beat It's own single left eye.

The Skull, based of one of the many skeletal heads it once had, intended to destroy any that would dare to try and break the Seals.

Lastly we created the Worm. Build with the capacity to shoot lasers the Worm was created to supplement the Skull and the Twin Eyes. We also put a stabilizer in each, preventing the Moon to eclipse the Sun.

While we tought this would be safe, we recieved new reports about a Demonic creature resting deep below.

The Cult opted to hide the powerful spirits of light and dark in it and linked them to the Seals. The creature agreed before getting sealed away as well. We sealed them because the constant conflict between them was what gave It power.

The Seal on the Demon was the strongest, requiring something that no one in their right mind could do.

In order to prevent anyone from entering the Dungeon where It's forces are hidden we decided to choose one of our Cult and let him get possesed by Skeletron. Skeletron was the commander of It's forces and would be the only one to keep them in check. As a final protection we hid the most dangerous of It's forces in the Plant.

Time passed. The Seals were proven effective and we left the land. We went to other regions so we could ensure that the remnants of It would be fully destroyed.

I remember it if it was yesterday, when a messenger came in claiming that a human had come and slaughtered It's escaped Eye. Not much later another report came in. Appearantley, It got angry and corrupted powerful forces of nature and sent an overgrown bee at the human. The human managed to overcome this. At this point we couldn't be more happy. The Remnants would be slaughtered within a few weeks and all would be peaceful.

A few days later, we received two reports. One of them detailed the fall of one of It's brains and the other the fall of one of It's tentacles. Happiness again. On an unrelated note, Goblins were gathering to cross the oceans around this time. I wondered what they were up to...

We then began to recieve worrying reports. The human that destroyed the Remnants had uncursed Skeletron and destroyed it. We deemed it as a casualty because we had hidden the dangers behind the Plant.

Then the reports were getting really scary, appearantly the human was resummoning It's Remnants in order to make armor out of it. Another report came in. The human this time had defeated the King of Slimes. The King got fed up due to the fact that the human kept slaughtering the Slimes. We opted to wait but keep a close eye on him.

Then that report came in. This report in particular was... somewhat worrying. The human had been into hell and obtained a Voodoo doll there. The Seal that we put on the Demon required a sacrifice.

From this point on, all reports became bad. The human accidentically tossed the doll in lava causing the Demon to be spawned. The human didn't even flinch while he swiftly defeated it, like he knew about the sacrifice, we suspected that the humans informant knew about the sacrifice and took his place. At this point we decided that it was time to activate The Three in order to calm the Spirits by ensuring their advance.

The human then defeated the Twin Eyes and The Worm with ease allowing the Moon to cover the Sun once more. At this point the Cult was preparing to move back to this land of horrors and dispatch of the human.

The news of the demise of the Skull came as no surprise, the Cult proceeded to send the four best Cultists in case of an emergency. The Plant is strong enough to defeat him, but just in case...

The human defeated the Plant and set free It's forces and recieved the key for the Temple of the Lizard People. With the Plants demise the Spirits proceeded slowly, and It's power had returned.

When we arrived the human was fighting the final Seal. He broke it and took away the last protection. Most of the Cult absorbed It as it was waking up, putting it in a Tablet. Only the four Cultists and me remained. We
defend this tablet with all we can by enchanting it with spells and readied ourselves for the time when the human, led by greed, that was certain now, would come after us.

The four Cultists were killed. With no other choice left to me I absorbed the Tablet. I will prevent It's awakening at all costs. The human will not bring Doom to the world. My magics are powerful enough to ensure that the human will leave or die.

I bear the powers of Fire, Ice and Lightning and most importantly, the powers of Summoning and Cloning.

I began my assault by using the powers of Fire and Lightning and made two clones to speed up the summoning of a Phantasmal Dragon. It failed as the human hit me, destroying the clones and cancelling the summoning. This repeated for a while...

The human has beaten me. He came with a surprise attack, hitting me in the head. As my vision begins to blurry I cast my final defense: the Four Pillars, the keystones of the world will be awakened to defend the world against It.

With these thoughts in mind, I leave the human and give him an Ancient Manipulator, the most powerful of the Tables of Creation. The human considered it enough to not kill me.

Good luck feeble human. I was nothing compared to It. Moon Lord will kill you, and once that happens we can reseal him.

The original uncut story
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The Destroyer
You really do strangle me with that 1000 word restriction. Fair enough though, as it takes longer to read this than to look at art. Writing entry in the spoiler below. Edit: If some are not convinced on the 1.3 relevance of this entry, this is also meant to highlight the new capabilities that NPC's have when 1.3 arrived.

Townsfolk living in the place I built with my bare, grubby and now numb hands
(Guide, Merchant, Nurse, Painter, Dye Merchant and Demolitionist)
The small village which is the only settlement here
Some island I woke up on one day
The World, I guess​

Week 2 Day 1

Alright, folks, listen up. I just remembered earlier while having a smashing time getting some gold and impaling skeletons with a shiny spear that the previous, deceased guide warned me of a slime army approaching very soon. The size of the invasion is thought to be staggering and more than I can handle by myself. So, I’m sending this letter, while gathering more resources, in order for you to prepare for our upcoming fight (through a system I shall call ‘magic’).

Don’t want to prepare? That’s fine. I’m not paying you for this rubbish. It’s a ‘life-or-death’ scenario. So, I presume that I will have everyone’s full attention so all of us can make it out of this, am I right? Excellent! I am glad your silent response agrees with me. Anyway, enclosed in this letter are instructions to each individual of which I require to be completed for optimal defensive and offensive potential when the invasion arrives.

The Guide: I grant you the awesomely noble position of the assistant of the crew. You’ll be doing boring menial tasks that the others require such as carrying supplies they need from my storage sight to them (not their face, their hands). I know you ponder about being proficient in leadership, however I have no room for lazy armchair generals in my settlement. You have a lot to make up for, as your performance in comparison to the previous guide is substandard at best.

The Merchant: Look, I know you don’t have deliveries to your stock and that you make your own goods. So, what I require of you is to make a nice batch of arrows and bows for the crew. Preferably make them into frostburn (there is some ice in storage), as in my experience they are damn good at eliminating targets while also lighting them up nicely. Half of the crew deteriorate at the thought of close-quarters combat, so they’ll need to stick to being at range while they will be helping out.

Our town also needs to be outlayed with torches for maximum light coverage, as we don’t need any of those buggers slipping past our defences. This includes inside our settlement and outside; some others will instruct you where to put some torches at the appropriate time. Don’t light them until the fight; we need not waste fuel. Oh, and don’t worry, I will still be paying you for this stuff. I recently stumbled upon this weird gold portal that spat out gold coins (one pummeled me right in the throat). Not sure what caused it, as I was just smashing pots and reanimated figures left and right.

Dye Merchant: Your speciality with carefully crafting dyes with some random plants I throw at you every now and then amazes me, so I want you to apply those same techniques to create some wooden spikes. If it isn’t obvious, use a knife (the one you use to extract dye materials) to sharpen both ends of logs that you need to acquire by chopping down trees around our little town. One pointy end is for effective impalement against the slimes. They have no brains, so they can’t tell the difference between trees and rocks. This sounds like quite the task, so holler over to the Guide if you need assistance. You need not bother if he starts showing emotion because of the ‘extreme’ amount of labour he has to do. Just give him a few slaps or something if he comes to that mindset.

Painter: Your knowledge in the architectural world exceeds everyone else. Except me of course, though I’m a little busy, you know, not being in town. Regardless, I ask that you surround our homes with the spiked logs that the Dye Merchant will be making. Just set it up as a full circle around our base with a few entry points, nothing complicated. Oh, and do pull the guide from his duties if your arms are feeling a little weak from all the heavy lifting.

Demolitionist: Ah, my favourite of the bunch, do I have a task for you! Nothing that differs from normal, but normal doesn’t necessarily mean bad. The far outskirts of our land calls for numerous landmines to be scattered across it, so get to doing such. I have some pressure plates in storage if you lack some. Oh, and please give the landmines just a little tolerance this time. The last batch were far too sensitive and kept blowing up on petty cannon fodder! I want the heavy arsenal to take out the heavy troops. When you’re done with that, get some grenades prepped for myself. They’re good fun to use!

The Nurse: Just...it would be to the benefit of everyone if you spent the whole of today not :red:ing. That’s no joke. The last thing working folk need is tormenting squeals constantly harassing them while they prepare for the fight of their lives. Meanwhile, you could probably stock up on some more of those neat little healing drugs. Heck, make them better if you can. Use the Guide as a test subject if need be.

Chop chop folks! I want to return to my expedition underground to discover the whole of our base overshadowed by palisade walls that pierce the delicate sunset with their deadly looks, while my ears hear the constant ringing of landmines prepared for detonation. I also look forward to seeing a nice pile of arrows stacked up in the sniper towers I spent time on the other day. Those that will survive this invasion will be bathing in a barrel of beer beside a stack of pies, I promise that.
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Terraria oil painting! (Category: Art)
"My first night on this wonderful new world! I cannot wait to discover a new tomorrow..."

Note 1: This game has TOO MANY ENEMIES!
Note 2: All bosses are in here, as well as all flying and landbased enemies bar a few variations, as well as 3 waterbased enemies. Hostile critters are not included.
Note 3: The oil paint effect is easily done through a Photoshop plugin, so I deserve no extra points for that. ;)
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Terraria 1.3 has brought many new elements to everyone and offered us great new possibillities for our roleplay server.

Especially the new marble blocks are amazing which is why I decided to build a vast underground cult out of them. The yet still empty apartments will soon be inhabited and decorated by other server members.


Image not loading? Click here.
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Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl

Empress of Light
He looked at what the protector of the town had done. Had the power finally gone to his head, had he become crazy, like all the others? The guide didn't know, all he knew, was that his protector had summoned the worst nightmare, one he had seen many times before, when he was in the pains after he was sacrificed for the good of the town. "Ahem... Sir? What are you summoning?" The protector looked at him horrified. "I do not know, for I did not see this coming, I just dealt with..." The protector grabbed his head, screaming out in agony and pain. "Sir? Sir! Helen, I need help, Sir is unwell."

As the nurse came to rush to his help, she looked at the protector. "I'm sorry, Sir, but I will be unable to..." She was interrupted by the sound of the sky cracking and the protector got up. "Thanks, Helen, you have given me enough time." And with that the protector flew away, towards the danger, ready to kill it, whatever it would have been.

"Kyle? I think it's time." The guide looked at the nurse. "Do I really have to? Are you sure Sir can't do it?" The nurse shook her head. "Sir doesn't have anything to help him, we can't stand up at that being, and the others already packed their bags, they know that Sir won't survive, so you should at least make sure that he doesn't go through that hell, you'll be doing him a favor."

'Am I really?' The guide looked at the protector, he had grown to like him, unlike the previous times, this one didn't kill him needlessly. But, he had a duty to do, and everything that he had to do was just flick one switch, and then...

"Sir! Sir! You shouldn't go and attack that thing, let it go away!" The protector looked at the guide in shock. "Are you crazy? That thing won't kill me! I defeated the celestial pillars without doing anything, if I actually do something, it might be over too fast!" The guide looked at the protector. "Sorry sir." The protector looked confused, and then shocked, when he felt the knife enter his body. "Why?" He muttered his last words. "Because you can't kill our god..."
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Haha, drop rates... awesome

All three, right in a row, from 3 separate enemies o_o

We also got 19 tempest staffs from duke before we got any other drops, sorry I dont have a picture of that, :).
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