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Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

I'm actually back to update my list a bit, these are a few things I discovered in the last few days, that are pretty cool (*)! 😎🥤
  • Pumpkin Armor
  • Sky Fracture
  • Scutlix Mount
  • Presserator item
  • Frozen Shield*
  • Echo Blocks*
  • Spectre Goggles*
...and here are things in 1.4.0 that I didn't expect & would've completely overlooked had it not been for my friend Cxssi Cola (multiplayer).
  • Underground Ocean Cavern
  • World Globe item
  • Flamingo Mount, water trick
  • Smoothie of Darkness
  • Shrimp Po' Boy

J Bame

If you dodge an attack with the Brain of Confusion with Dark Artist armor equipped (without any armor on vanity), the visual effect changes from a circle of Brains to a circle of Blue Flames. These flames are affected by dyes. I don't really know why this is a thing, but it's a cool detail.
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Just found that, lava does not destroy Grey Tier items despite it being lower rarity than white. I always assume lava will destroy white and grey, but recent test found it leaves grey items untouched, quite strange.


Tavernkeep gives you 5 Defender Medals to buy your first sentry with when you hit the Etheria Crystal option...

I was cursing the fact that you can't get a sentry before completing the event and had to do it with weapons alone or just fail it repeatdly.


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literally I didn't realize this till tuesday..... that Flinx is Flinx, not Finx... yes I may have read it wrong countless of times, I think I even noticed the l from time to time, but still said Finx....... wow....
At first.....i never knew the ice (underground snow for those dummies) had hardmode enemies till i saw a video where a ice tortoise drops a crimson key.

i still forget about these guys

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do any of you know about tims and rune wizards???? because I do and I killed 2 tims and a rune wizard yesterday, in the same world in the same 20 minutes, in a terraria day that had both a solar eclipse and a blood moon.

(sorry this is kinda off topic)


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When I first started I never knew summoner was a class, why fishing was a thing, or that the Spectre hood armour set did -40% damage
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