Biomes & Nature [Tobbvald's Tinkering] The Contagion (f.k.a. Corrosion)

This is a great idea. I took the time to read everything. I love the sprites! Amazingly well done! All in all, its great and would be awesome to have!
Some stuff in this suggestion I'm not sure of the exact recipes such as Thornplate armor, The Splinterer, The Disuniter, Vilethorn, Nestlatch, The Fibre Crook, The End Render, Withered Pike, Sinistar, and the Looming Lure. I'm guessing the End Render, Withered pike, and Vilethorn are from Virus Kernels, and the Nestlatch is from Shadow Orbs. Also I think the Thornplate armor, The Splinterer, The Disuniter, The Fibre Crook, and Looming lure are the same cost as their Crimson/Corruption counterparts but using Chitinous Spores and Maladium Bars. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyways, great idea! It definitely should be added!
[Rotted Burrowers] ... spawn a moth-like enemy similar to Behe-Moth when they die. The moths drop Miasma upon death

I noticed this, particularly the lack of a sprite for it and was somewhat surprised, because you usually make sprites for virtually everything, and because it was so easy to overlook and vital to understanding the idea. So, partially because the Contagion is really fun to sprite for I made you a sprite:
Contagion Moth.png

I might end up animating it later on, but don't get your hopes up.
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Oh man this is one hell of an idea, compared to a lot of biome ideas I've seen this is probably one of the more fitting ones for the game itself. Vilethorn is one of my favorite evil biome tier weapons too, so that makes me enjoy this biome even more to give it a better home. The dungeon theory alone got me to believe in its viability, but one issue I do have is that the entire theme and coloration of the biome will be very very similar to the already existing Jungle. It'll feel very redundant making new grassy and green weapons and armor that the Jungle already has done primarily. The Behe-Moth boss is a great pun I enjoy but is one of the things that feels way more...Jungle-y to me. You mentioned how inspiration came from the Cordyceps, so why not give a bit more fungus in the design and maybe make it a lot more swampy?

Now for the armor from this biome, I know the difference between Crimson and Corruption loot can be pretty different but when it comes to their armor sets, they are primarily defensive melee class oriented. You stayed true to that, but I'd say the thorn aura is a bit too out there as a unique idea, it feels unfitting when paired along with the Crimtane and Demonite armors. That's just my opinion on how it fits in, though. Otherwise I do really like the idea of the thorn aura, maybe I see it more viable as an accessory from a Virus Kernel drop.

The raw damage buffs confuse me a bit, does "raw" damage mean just any damage or affecting a specific part of the game? With that aside, if it's any damage, the Ring of Force seems kind of crazy. Now for Miasma...I like the concept of it and the purple+green color theme would look nice (Though note the Corruption sorta did that, too.) but it seems really confusing how the buff works. Cursed Flames is a buffed up On Fire! and Ichor is generically a defense debuff, but Miasma has three steps of effects? Alike the whole Thorn Armor thing, this just doesn't fit in with the Crimson and Corruption. Also the Curtain-Ripper is nice but seems a little underwhelming. I guess compared to the Corruption vs Crimson, it's at least on par with the Scourge...

Like I said I enjoy the idea, and thats why I'd wanna see it become more possible as a reality, thats why I felt kinda like getting a bit critical about it. Who knows, I might be very wrong about a lot of this nor others may have mentioned it before me. So yeah summed up, great idea but a bit too similar in theme to the Jungle eventually and needs to fit more with its other buddies, the Crimson and Corruption.
Amazing idea, well-thought out and very fitting next to the other two "evil" biomes. With 1.3 are you going to expand on your existing suggestions and flesh them out in addition to making new ones?
No really. I see a lot of alternate evil suggestions, but this is the best and the most original one. Full support!

The sprites, the boss, the mobs, the concept, everything is cool!
Holly crap. Wow. Im all for this, seriously. I love the idea, and the sprites are insane. Good job.

Full Support.

Now to see the Covert..
Yeah looks a good scare in the making. Make more that can camouflage like a mimic but less obvious to add to the surprise feel of this biome. Support!
This is a work of art, a great idea and a great story that comes with it. I really enjoyed reading through it. I support this wholeheartedly.

Amazing biome, another evil. Say Corruption - a Lawful Evil biome(why lawful, well, orbs in it have perfect shape, same goes for altars), Crimson - a Chaotic Evil biome, a crazy worlf of flesh and blood and now Contaigion/Corrosion a Neutral Evil biome, a force of pure evil that has no order, but is not a chaotic one. It is a biome of death, like the undead theme in many games and settings. We do have zombies at night, what if they all were created in the Contagion? :)
I have read this post almost quite a bit. Well that goes with any suggestion with good sprites. One question. Why is this not in terraria?
Not sure if this has been said before, But...

The Rotted Fork and Ball O' Hurt are supposed to be weapons to help you defeat their respective biome bosses

The Rotted Fork allows you to stab at the Creepers when they fly at you, as well as the BoC itself, And very likely take no damage from either of them
The Ball O' Hurt, if you're brave, or smart enough, can be used to hit every single section of the EoW... No damage is not assured with this method though

The Vilethorn can also allow you to beat the EoW without taking a single hit if you're careful enough while dealing lots of damage
The Crimson Rod can allow you to damage (and thus send back) some of the Creepers, but is about as useful against the BoC as the Ball O' Hurt is against the EoW when trying to avoid damage

I could suggest an alternative to just copying both weapons from the corruption/crimson with some sorta yoyo or similar weapon, extending your reach towards the Behe-Moth's bindings and thus making atleast the first phase easier, or a weapon that's effective against the second phase

--Editional Notes--

Possible Meelee-type Weapon Replacement Types:

Possible Magic-type Weapon Replacement Types:
Arcing spell
Or just keep the vilethorn
I think you could keep the vilethorn in there anyways

Honestly, It's all up to you if you take my suggestion(s)
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this is really really great, but it took me a few days to realize that there's no possessed weapon type enemy
i don't know if anyone's pointed this out yet but i'm too lazy to check
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