Underrated Weapons

Not a weapon. But I find the Djinn's Curse really fun to use on mounts like the Unicorn. It greatly amplifies your airtime control without having to use Wings. Although doubtful to give up your leg slot for it.
I definitely think the Flying Knife is underrated. I rarely see anybody talking about it, yet it was my first loved weapon in my very first playthrough up to Plantera. Flying knife served me very well. But well, you also will quickly notice that there are better choices nowadays.
I don't recall seeing the Chain Knife mentioned very often, but it is by far one of my favorite weapons in the early-game to get if you get a lucky drop from a bat. It usually has me set well after I've defeated the Eye of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds.

i've barely seen someone use the shadowflame weapons, they are very useful against the destroyer

I agree to this as well, I love the Shadowflame Weapons, if I can get either a Bow or the Knives, they usually let me take on the Mech bosses and a majority of Hardmode without too much trouble, even on Expert Mode.
Well, that's because the Uzi deals more damage but is slower at firing than the Megashark, but the Megashark does less damage, thoughhhhhh with it's fast speed, it makes it more powerful than the Uzi, so... Megashark is better than the Uzi, despite it having lower damage
You're supposed to get the Uzi before Megashark
Chlorophyte shotbow, sniper rifle and nail gun.
the shotbow excels at every aspect of a weapon and is in every way considerably better than the megashark, but is often overlooked, while the nail gun deals absurd dps(1.4k-2k), but is also overlooked.
The sniper rifle isn’t overpowered, but its dps, when used with crystal bullets, is far higher than people gave account for.
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Cannon/Bunny Cannon \o/ although they're a bit difficult to use effectively, they can hit really really hard! If you're the type that likes to carefully plan out each step of a boss fight before it even begins... this weapon can be used to great effect. It's also nice for defending a spot from various hordes of enemies.
The sniper rifle isn’t overpowered, but its dps, when used with crystal bullets, is far higher than people gave account for.
I agree, the've gotten a massive buff since 1.3, it took a while for me to notice that:

I'd have to say most flairs, IMO. I remember getting the Blue Moon and Sunfury but I couldn't wrap my head around them. I usually play ranged, so I suppose that's why. I need to try to use them more in my playthroughs :p
This may sound like I'm some manner of Cromagnon fellow, but I'm rather partial to the Spear or Trident! It has decent knockback for an early pre-hardmode weapon, and there's a good chance it'll be all you can find that early. You can keep zombies at bay fairly easily using it. I had a fantastic run once using only a Trident as my main weapon and I wasn't disappointed by it.

I had another great run using the Dart Rifle and cursed darts. They rain hell on a bunch of enemies at once. Pretty awesome.
I'd say the Cactus Sword, it is the same as a Tin Broadsword at 9 damage, but with more range. The Cactus Armor is good if you don't want to chop a lot of trees, or just like living near the desert, and the Cactus Pickaxe, while the same as the Copper and Tin variants, has better range, and for some people that might be a bit more helpful. Very good for early pre-hardmode, and sometimes I feel like people forget about the cactus items.
Seedler. Quite possibly the strongest Post Plantera-Pre Golem weapon in the game, but usually ignored because farming Plantera is a pain.

You can literally kill ML with it, it's that good. (Needs Betsy's Wrath tho)
Several weapon subclasses often get the short end of the stick. (cough) flails (cough)
Out of the few that are shunned, I take delight in the art of lancing. The North Pole, while being an endgame weapon with a lime rarity, is rather unique in its unique projectile rain. Up close and personal, stabbing with the spear is a given, but the snowflakes the arcing projectile drops is excellent for disrupting crowds of foes.
Darts !
I've rarely seen people use or even talk about them.
Darts are really easy to make and pack a punch.
Crystal Darts are amazing early in hardmode and in crowd control. Ichor Darts are basically a pseudo-shotgun that inflicts ichor and for quite a long time as well. Oh, and cursed darts are a thing. Use them for crowd control I guess ?
Where do I even start, holy cow...

There's the cady cane sword, katana (to a lesser extent), bladed glove, clubberfish, beekeeper, falcon blade, BotI, seedler, north pole, bannanarang, flying knife, chain knife/guillotines, octo, flying dragon, SotC, and shadowflame knife. And that's just for melee!
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