OOC Unknown World (OOC)

Jack, Chris, Terry, Victor, Eric, Trevor, Alex, Paul, Darren, Magnus, Nathan, Lynn, Steve, Aaron, David, Andre, Andrew, Owen, Isaac, Vladmir, William, Alex (Different from the other Alex), Darwin, Shaun, Daniels, Bruce, James, Michael, Raymond, Finn, Lance, Kevin, two other guys I can't recall the names to, Peter, Lilith, Flynn, Jeffords, Riley, Anthony, some drug-dealing deer, Jason, Martin, Morgan, some other :red:hat, Tony, Dexter, Some assassin I can't recall the name to, Price (Different from the one here, since this one's a hacker, and they have clinical lycanthropy, so they think they occasionally turn into an animal when they don't. It's a real condition, look it up), Chaos (An ex-CCC worker who joined the Toppat Clan, not the 5th iteration of Marcus), Skittles, Gunbum (My main Terraria character), Austin, Marcus, Wilson, Douglas, Dave, Ford, Carson, Wire, some guy named Keith who was a backstory character, Clark, Blanche, Ethan, Jarvis, Jeffery (different from Jeffords, but same source material), Toxin, Vince, Nikolas, Reginald, Harrison, Caroline, Krieg, Spectre, Jericho, and Vic.
I'm not counting the 30 or so Pokemon characters I forgot all the names to.
They were mostly regular humans who used a lot of tech, or just straight-up robots, until I got around to Shaun. After that, I did a lot of characters with small and specific abilities.
kinda expected that cuz of the call of duty pfp and the minecraft rp (actually I didn't know thats just me trying hard to be bad***)
This is a Starbound pfp based off a Halo mod.
And the abilities were mostly self-transformative, because I used those in Minecraft RPs, so what was I supposed to do?
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