Casual Unpopular Opinion Thread

“Got a burning unpopular opinion you want to share? Spark some discussions!”

Got an opinion that makes other people say “Bleh!”? Here would be a nice thread to post it and maybe start a small conversation. I do have a teeny tiny request though.

Please do not post anything that could potentially start a flame war. This is not a mature discussion thread. This includes but not limited to:
  • opinions on abortion
  • anything LGBTQ related
  • how many genders/sexes there are
  • liking pineapple on pizza
  • Politics (for the love of all that is holy please do not post any politics here. It is such a sensitive topic)
Sound good? Great! Guess I’ll start; a lot of people do not like Skyrim’s combat system, I on the other hand think it’s quite enjoyable.
Pinaple dosent belong on pizza but is legendary
More of a hot take but pillar weapons shouldn’t have been added

Nvm it is off-topic, for unpopular opinion id say that fries are waayyy better without any sauce.
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Yep, during the drive in the Jungle Kingdom. There was originally going to be a different song called "Drivin' Me Bananas", and a bunch of people were mad when they decided on Take On Me instead. But I think it felt fitting.
Just watched that part, and I do feel like it fits decently well. I would have preferred a different song, but it's still pretty good.
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