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Vipix' Toolbox

Discussion in 'Released' started by vp!x, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. vp!x

    vp!x Terrarian

    Hello everyone ! Ever missed the slope you wanted with your hammer ? Ever been lost in the paints you have in your inventory ? Well fear no more !

    Let me introduce the Toolbox.
    Several new tools, with interfaces or right-click abilities. The Grand Design and its cool interface inspired me to port the idea to the other tools.

    [​IMG] The Smartammer is so smart it lets you choose the slope you want on the block you clicked.

    It even keeps walls intact. I heard the merchant got one not long after you defeated Skeletron.
    [​IMG] Combine all your super-specialized block-creating wands into one !

    It still consumes the corresponding resource but with a 50% chance, because not all of us have the time.
    [​IMG] Pay a visit to the painter, he may have upgraded his tools.

    The color palette will be able to use any kind of paint, at a 80% reduced rate, what a deal. You can right-click a color to disable it until you right-click on it again. Stay organized !
    If you are not satisfied with its position, type /CenterUI followed by fixed, mouse, or free to enable each behaviour
    [​IMG] Sometimes I wish I could burrow in sand, but without ruining the landscape.

    The wand will work on any kind of sand, and you can reverse the process with a right-click.
    In case you're too impatient to gather the materials to make one, the dryad has one. But she likes it.
    [​IMG] It's a hammer. For walls. Not blocks, not enemies, walls. This hammer is much less smart by the way.
    No smart cursor or hammer power for this one. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that yet.
    You know this one, right ? But have you ever tried right-clicking with it ?
    Now you can become the next Bob Moss.
    [​IMG]The definition of glitchy. Unstable blocks will be placed, like the Ice Rod, but items on it will not be destroyed. The teleporter glitch was inpractical at best anyway.

    Wizards like unstable magic wands by the way.
    In case you don't like the position of the interfaces, type /CenterUI followed by fixed, mouse, or free to enable each behaviour. Fixed will be centered on the screen, mouse will be following the mouse (default), free will allow you to drag (only palette supported, recommended for palette)

    [​IMG] Performs what is known as a switcheroo of blocks. By using the revolutionary Minetendo Switch Technology, it is able to exchange type, slope and color with the block in your inventory faster than the eye can see. The safety mechanism will prevent kids from mining hard blocks and harming themselves.

    You can congratulate the mechanic for her technological achievement.


    The mod is supposed to fit in a normal gameplay, since I believe 1) paint shouldn't be that hard to handle 2) paint doesn't break game difficulty 3) paint tools don't make for a good reward.
    Some of the tools have damage, but they are not intended to be decent weapons when the player is able to obtain them. Please tell me if that isn't the case.
    The palette spotlight is an OP exploration tool ! Please refrain from using it for that. I'll try to find something in the meantime.
    [FIXED]The Greater Wand allows wood replication right now. In case you didn't know wood replication hurts the planet's feeling. Better plant trees.
    The Wall Hammer kind of defeats the idea of hammer power, since it's so fast, but it doesn't have smart cursor so it balances out ? I don't think hammer power comes close to having the same impact on gameplay as pickaxe power anyway.

    I need your feedback ! What breaks balance? What's buggy ? What isn't in the toolbox that should be ? What ranges should be changed ? What prices aren't right ?
    Also feel free to make some sprites if you want to.
    By the way I'm on the Terraria and Tmodloader discord.

    Known issues
    - The interfaces may not respond the first time, wait a few seconds or alt-tab. Is it just me ? If anyone knows why UI bug (even sometimes on Jopo's mods) I'd be glad to know.
    - [UPDATED]Apparently there's still work to be done for multiplayer, need feedback

    Download link:
    Github link, for the latest experiments:

    - Staff of Regrowth fixed
    - Multiplayer enabled
    - New tool: Swap Pickaxe. Swaps blocks with the ones in your inventory but keeps all other characteristics
    - Fixed an icon
    - Mod icon introduced
    - Fixed the way of obtaining the Smartammer
    - Added the /tool command to enable/disable tools
    - New tool: Unstable Staff. Similar to the Ice Rod, but it allows building levitating furniture. You won't need to use the teleporter glitch anymore. This is an attempt at controlling glitchy things, so it may have problems. Chest duplication is prevented.
    - Added support for the World Builder Soul from Fargo's mod (gives near fullscreen range)
    - Made the /CenterUI command permanent for each player (forgot to publish that last time, sorry)
    - Removed the pots, they already exist in Chad's mod
    - Added new command. Type /CenterUI followed by fixed, mouse, or free to enable each behaviour
    - Extended some tool reaches
    - New tool: moss color choice added to the Staff of Regrowth with right-click
    - New functionality: you can disable/enable a color on the palette by right-click
    - Multiplayer support, attempt n°1 (I cannot test)
    - Smartammer and Wallhammer are now always available at the merchant (no boss condition)
    - Reduced damage of the hammers, but Smartammer will automatically gain damage in hardmode
    - Fixed typos
    - Updated some icons
    - Updated some effects
    - Fixed the version number because I forgot I needed 3 digits
    - Cleaned code for a simpler UI method
    - The Greater Wand interface now correctly appears around the mouse pointer
    - The Greater Wand no longer grants 50% chance not to consume wood when placing wood
    - Updated icons for Color Palette and Smartammer
    - Release

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  2. Polyblank

    Polyblank Terrarian

    This sounds like a really useful mod for building! Definitely picking this up for my modded playthrough!
    FlyKip likes this.
  3. vp!x

    vp!x Terrarian

    Cool! Tell me what you think of it, I did my best but there may still be bugs or problems
    Polyblank likes this.
  4. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    This will definitely be one of my must have mods.
    DoktorDare likes this.
  5. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist

    I've immediately added this to my pack. I'll let you know if I run into any bugs. Thanks for making it!
  6. MugetsuYarida

    MugetsuYarida Terrarian

    You said sumthin earlier in ur vid that you will make some all-building episode....good choice ya got this! Also try magicstorage....its kina useful (^-^)
    Fury likes this.
  7. Stuckinahol3

    Stuckinahol3 Skeletron Prime

    This is great for building. Thanks!
  8. Timtams72

    Timtams72 Terrarian

    Left this on reddit, but here's an idea

    Is it possible to choose the type of moss left with the staff of regrowth
    Curt0815 likes this.
  9. RankLord

    RankLord Terrarian

    Great mod, very handy and nice layout. Don't mean to be annoying, but under Wall Hammer, you spelt "enemies" wrong.
  10. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    I think you need to update it. It keeps getting disabled because it's not compatible with the current version.
  11. vp!x

    vp!x Terrarian

    Weird, what version of tmodloader are you using ? I made the mod with v0.10.0.2, which is normally the latest
  12. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    Oh nevermind. New issue: the mod crashes my game every time i load it with something along the lines of "Beginning cannot be called again until end is called" Or something like that. Any idea?
  13. Alphakip

    Alphakip Terrarian

    Nvm fixed it. You need to make this multiplayer compatible. It's super fun. :)
  14. Jombo

    Jombo Terrarian

    How exactly do I use the color pallete? I have a couple paints in my inventory. I right click, select brush and color, then try to left click on a block but nothing happens. The little brush icon even appears on the corner of my cursor
  15. vp!x

    vp!x Terrarian

    Are you sure you picked a brush tool (the 2 on the left) and not an eraser ?
    Are you trying to paint a block that already is the selected color ? (you could try erasing first, or another color more visible)

    The icon on the cursor indicated that the thing you're pointing is under the maximum tool reach and is either a block or a wall
  16. Jombo

    Jombo Terrarian

    I don't know why it's working now but it is. I reloaded the game. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Thanks though.
  17. WinterSolace

    WinterSolace Terrarian

    I have waited for something like this for sooo long!
    Thank you!
  18. vp!x

    vp!x Terrarian

    - New tool: moss color choice added to the Staff of Regrowth with right-click. It should not affect any other behaviour. Thank TimTams for the idea !
    - New functionality: you can disable/enable a color on the palette by right-click. I found the rainbow made it hard to differenciate 2 similar shades, so now you can work with an actual palette
    - Multiplayer support, attempt n°1. I cannot test, but for information, I added a line to send the block updates to other players. Please confirm : )
    - Smartammer and Wallhammer are now always available at the merchant (no boss condition)
    - Reduced damage of the hammers, but Smartammer will automatically gain damage in hardmode. Man this hammer is so smart
    - Fixed typos
    - Updated some icons
    - Updated some effects

    I have an idea for the next tool, it should be cool for builders who like using even the least standard ways of building
  19. Yune

    Yune Skeletron Prime

    Such a great mod. Thanks.
  20. StickyQuote

    StickyQuote Spazmatism

    Some seriously amazing quality-of-life tools right here, downloaded with the fury of 1000 suns. The devs should seriously consider implementing some of these mods, either coming to you for the code or making their own versions or whatever. They're seriously that good and time saving.