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Thanks for doing that, I am lost in the back and forth between versions and stuff, it is the first time I'm using Github. Anyway, the rainbow-colored 0.png is faulty so just delete it, copy any other color icon and rename it as 0.png. Of course the VipixToolBox folder should be placed in "Modloader/Mod sources", click Build+Reload, and tmodloaderserver should not have the error message.

I did that, replacing it with 29.png, as you expected it to be black. Still getting the error after building, unfortunately. :c
I have a problem. The mod is great, but I can't seem to use the paint thing. I click the paint block option, the color I want, but it won't let me paint blocks. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
I can't seem to use the paint thing

- Do you have paint in your inventory ?
- Are you trying to paint close enough to your player ?
- Are you sure the block is not already painted the color you want ?
- Have you tried alt-tabbing and going back into the game ?
where is Weapons Out? i have looked evertwhere i believe it could be but it ain't anywhere! do you guys know where?
I have a problem. The mod is great, but I can't seem to use the paint thing. I click the paint block option, the color I want, but it won't let me paint blocks. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Whenever i first acquire one of the tools and go to use it, i experience this issue for the first time. Exiting to main-menu and and going back into game solves it. I believe alt-tabbing worked for me too, as vp!x suggested.
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What are you doing in this thread ?[/QUOTE]

well you mentioned creators of weaponsout, and i have been looking for it so i thought you guys knew
- New item: Swap Pickaxe. It swaps the targeted block with the first block available in your inventory, but it keeps the characteristics of the initial block: hammered shape and paint color. [edit: copy of actuated state coming too] Not all blocks can be swapped, it's mostly the blocks that can be mined in 1 hit with the molten pickaxe.

This one took waaaay longer than I thought. Many iterations were made, this is the best I found. Nothing related to the vanilla mining method worked...
Anyway, as always, if you find a bug or if you have ideas, don't hesitate to tell.
I don't know about multiplayer right now, I'm sorry.
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yes, I launched a multiplayer server with the mod and it outputs the following error when attempting to load the mod.
    at Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.GetTexture(String name)
    at VipixToolBox.UI.ColorUI.OnInitialize() in [...]\Mod Sources\VipixToolBox\UI\Color\ColorUI.cs:line 248
    at Terraria.UI.UIElement.Activate()
    at VipixToolBox.VipixToolBox.Load() in [...]\Mod Sources\VipixToolBox\VipixToolBox.cs:line 43
    at Terraria.ModLoader.Modloader.do_Load(Object threadContext)
(terraria filepaths abbreviated for privacy)
The smartammer seems to work on blocks that are under things like chests and demon/crimson altars. Chest stay there, but altars get destroyed as soon as one of the blocks under them is smartammered. It also works on things that cannot be hammered normally, like traps.
The swap pickaxe has a similar problem, while the blocks under chests/altars aren't being replaced, the blocks in your inventory are still being consumed.
demon/crimson altars
That's a very good point, with traps, are there other blocks I have overlooked ? I'm bad at this. That will be fixed, including the swap pickaxe.

Rattlesnake Wand doesn't seem to be working on any sand. Am I missing something?
Does the item icon appear when hovering the cursor over sand ?

I launched a multiplayer server with the mod
I'm sorry, I've tried all the things I could think of with Cirom (here in the thread), nothing worked. The multiplayer is on hold for now, at least there won't be any griefing because of my mod!

Awesome OP!
Super edge case situation: Unstable staff blocks don't despawn when exiting the world like blocks from the Ice Rod do. I imagine the projetile or timer whathaveyou doesn't remove the block when the world is saved. Maybe you can do some overrwrite check in ModWorld?

Anyway, awesome mod! Ought to get some more attention.
(Saw the unstable staff in Fury's most recent video and thought " dang someone really went and made a better ice rod")
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