What is the strongest weapon you have with you right now, and how much damage?

I executed a crit value of 698 with a Terra Blade's Terra Beam. The base damage value of the Terra Blade is 95...
My Meowmare has about 324 Base Damage with my Solar Armor Equipped Main Character, and it does around 2,500 dps. My Solar Eruption with 170 Base damage also does around 2,500 dps on average based on my tests with a Target Dummy.
On Console and PC, it's the Sniper Rifle.
On Console, it does around 162 and about 345 crit damage, because i'm Melee (Tank) on Console. On Console, I'm using Beetle Armor with Shell.
On PC, it does around 333 damage, 445 while stealthed, and about 900 - 1035 crit damage, because i'm Ranger on PC. On PC i'm using Shroomite Armor with Bullet Headpiece (i can't think of the name).
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