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What to do after Moonlord: What have you done?

What playthrough now?

  • Ranger Playthrough?

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I finally finished my first playthrough of terraria and defeated a dungeon guardian, my 2 main tasks of the game as of now. I now plan on doing a magic or ranger playthrough, but want ideas to do on my first world. Building? Speedruns (Of my record, not for the world) What? Put what you have done or think I should do in the comments, need ideas. Thanks!

Juno Brier

Eye of Cthulhu
Building is always fine for your old world. Let your creativity flow freely! (if possible)

As for class-specific playthroughs, being a dedicated Mage requires learning how to manage your mana if you want to be effective (hint: Mana pickups are your friend, Mana Potions are not), so I'd say it would take a little more thought than a Ranger (not to mention Mages have a longer waiting period before getting decent magic).

So if you're looking to challenge yourself....well, the class choice doesn't matter that much, because if you really want to challenge yourself, that's what Expert mode is for.
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