Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

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Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

  1. The Twins

    104 vote(s)
  2. The Destroyer

    37 vote(s)
  3. Skeletron Prime

    47 vote(s)
  4. They're all both pretty hard.

    6 vote(s)
  5. They're all both pretty easy.

    24 vote(s)
  1. LeePlayer

    LeePlayer Terrarian

    Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

    Mine is personally the Destroyer. Probably because of it's health and the probe thingies that come out often.
    It was a pain killing it the first time because it has to be defeated by morning.
    The Twins were pretty hard too. Skeletron Prime was a breeze.
    But just my opinion. Anyways go ahead and post your opinion! :happy:
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  2. Scrubow Gamer

    Scrubow Gamer Official Terrarian

    The twins *shudders* so...many...bad...memories *shudders*
  3. randomterrarian42

    randomterrarian42 Terrarian

    The twins are the hardest I think. But everyone of them is easier depending on the gear you use:

    Destroyer: Tanks, Jester arrows rangers and Harp+Nimbus mages
    Twins: Melee is screwed(*), range and magic not that much
    Prime: Melee is screwed (*)(again), range and magic not that much (again)

    (*)So yeah, beating skelly prime and the twins is pretty hard if going melee in my opinion, except if you own a terra blade.
  4. Crimso

    Crimso Plantera

    I think Prime is the hardest. The Destroyer is destroyed by piercing attacks, especially if you use the Nimbus Rod, and the Twins basically never hit you if you're constantly running and use basic dodging.
  5. stormconure

    stormconure Golem

    Twins by far. Prime is easiest, then destroyer, then ****ing spasmatism.
  6. DeathReaper5841

    DeathReaper5841 Terrarian

    I don't know why, but after struggling with Destroyer which I find super challenging, the other two bosses aren't even challenging.
    Like really, it is literally just flying hoops like a circus dolphin with wings and dodging, and everything is fine.
  7. General Milky

    General Milky Terrarian

    Depends really. Destroyer is a challenge for sure unless you know what you're doing, and I think the 1.2.3 nerf to Twins made them a bit less totally terrifying. All the mechs are best tackled in different ways, but I do think Destroyer has the highest potential to just ruin your face in PC.
  8. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    The Destroyer ironicly :D
  9. Ryei

    Ryei Official Terrarian

    For me, Twins.
    Prime is only hard because his limbs block his head.
    Destroyer is easy. Period.
  10. ninonoids

    ninonoids Terrarian

    For me, The twins.That spasmatism...
  11. Setra

    Setra Terrarian

    Depends on class.
    Melee: All of them but the destroyer really suck if you have an autoswing sword.
    Ranger: Twins
    Mage: Twins
    Summoner: Twins.

    Basically the twins suck :D
  12. DaBomb

    DaBomb Terrarian

    The Destroyer. Once you get asphalt blocks, the other two are easy to kite.
  13. definetly skelly prime
  14. Enjl

    Enjl Cultist

    Both The Twins and Skeletron Prime are fairly easy in my opinion. Wings and a hallowed repeater burn both of them.
    The Destroyer on the other hand is, in comparison, fairly difficult. I tend to need multiple tries, paired with grinding the other two.
  15. fffffffffffffffff

    fffffffffffffffff Terrarian

    IMO the Twins USED to be really bad, now I can beat them with a true night's edge and adamantite armor so...
    Destroyer wrecks me though, so used to the 100% heart drop rate from the probes that I always underestimate how bad he is now

    Skele is 3spooky5me
  16. GawenStarTeller

    GawenStarTeller Retinazer

    The easiest mechanical boss was Plantera. No? Why?

    All humour aside, I usually go with ranged weapons... for me, Skeleton Prime is terribly easy to dodge, The Twins just get wrecked by Crystal Bullets, so I would have to say the Destroyer. The probes are annoying, and I hate having to just lift my attention from the worm so that I can prevent them from destroying me...
  17. aWolfen

    aWolfen Terrarian

    As a melee user, I say probably the Twins.
    They just. Won't. Stop. Moving.
  18. Crablegs10

    Crablegs10 Terrarian

    It depends, the bosses have there own pros and cons with them.

    Destroyer's pros: even though his 60000 health may look bad, the amount of damage one can do on multiple parts on his body using projectiles makes it fairly easy to kill him in seconds if using the right weapons.

    cons: being hit by the body can cause a ton of damage to players and launches probs which can become a problem if not taken care of.

    The twins pros: the twins can be easy to kill if the player manages to make a sky-bridge long enough to where the boss can't touch them and are far enough not to inflict damage on the player.

    cons: 3 words, the 2nd forms.

    Prime's pros: When launched into "spinning" mode he is easily vulnerable to any and all projectiles and swords for that limited amount of time, making him an easy kill from that alone.

    cons: four arms, massive damage dealt if spinning on player, and goes into "one-hit" mode if not taken care of.
  19. Shock3600

    Shock3600 Terrarian

    Ugh. For me the destroyer nnc tbats the only one iv ever fought and I'm on mobile.
  20. Toxic

    Toxic Terrarian

    For me it was The Twins. They were the last mechanical bosses for me and it took several tries. I eventually figured out to kill Spazmatism first because I felt he did way more damage.
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