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Switch [WTB] Large Quantities of Dirt & Stone!

WTB Large Amount of Dirt & Stone.
Trading Item Type
Building Materials/Blocks
Hi everyone, I’m looking for someone to sell me an obscene quantity of either (or both!) dirt or stone please. I need it for a rather adventurous building project haha. Just name your price! I can also trade items for it rather than coins if that’s what you’d prefer.
If you don't have them that's fine. What do you have?
- Eater’s Bone
- Mothron Wings
- Temple Key
- Frozen Key
- x6 Jungle Keys
- Meteorite Ore & Bars
- Hellstone Ore & Bars
- Palladium Ore & Bars
- Orichalcum Ore & Bars
- Adamantite Ore & Bars
If none of these interest you, I can keep looking. :D
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