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Dude who likes Terraria (jee how could anyone have guessed)
Sep 6, 1999 (Age: 20)
Me mum's cah.
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC, Pixel Piracy


Email Address
[email protected]
Discord Tag
| ArcLight |#0182


Check out My Vanity Contest Submission!
Corresponding Rain Cloud Block Rain Colors - Make Clouds change color based on what biome you're in!

Wand of Sparking Rework - We all know the current one is trash...

The Zoologist and the Bestiary <- Idea made it to 1.4!

Shotgun Boots - Shoot shotgun shells from your feet!

Blood Moon Kama - A new Blood Moon weapon!

Caryatid Mirror - A solution of what to do with your useless Pocket Mirror!

Master Mode Suggestions - A list of suggestions for the upcoming new mode in 1.4.

Goblin Army Mob Rework - A slight rework to making the Goblin Army not a pushover.

New Achievements for Terraria <- My Favorite :3

Crimson Variant of Deathweed - Crimson version of Deathweed, why not?

Space Stuff - Adding stuff to the Space biome to make it feel more lively!

Breathing Reed Flavor Text - Bringing it back to the good old days!

So let's talk about Piggy Banks... - Bad with money? This suggestion is for you!

Repulsive Arrows & The Bloodied Teeth - Crimson version of Unholy Arrows.


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