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PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

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Hmm So if your already thinking about things like achievements maybe 1.3 is.......Never-Mind ^_^

I would really like to see one when you:

  • Defeat every kind of enemy
  • Place 5 of every single block in the game (Hardcore XD)
  • Drink one of each potion
  • Spend 150 minutes underwater
  • Have every pet in the game
  • Fired 15,000 bullets
  • Died 10,100,1000 times
  • Play 100,200,300.... hours on Terraria
  • Housed every Npc
  • Kill your first enemy ever!
  • Survive the first night
  • Reach wave 10,20 in all events with and without dying
  • Get killed by a boulder XD
  • Get killed by every boss
  • Kill every boss
  • Get all banners (including the nymph banner)
  • Get all vanity sets
  • Get all armour sets
  • Get all weapons ranged,magic,summoner and melee
  • Craft 100,1000 items
  • Use a magic mirror 100 times
  • Get killed by poison/Venom
  • Cut down 1000 trees
  • Died in lava
  • Drowned in honey XD
  • First banner collected
  • Found all Easter eggs
  • Opened 100 Presents/Goodie bags
  • Get every Trophy
  • Get every boss mask
  • And finally Get all the mounts

Hope you use these or some of these achievements in the game guys/gals XD


~Breaking Ground - Mine your first block
~Walking Dead - First night or first blood moon
~Architect/Master Crafter - Build first npc house
~City Builder/Npc Hotel/Hotel Nowhere - House 10+ NPC's
~Cosmologist/Monnanite/The Slime that jumped over the moon - beat/survive all moon events
~Archer - Obtain 10 diff bows
~Gunner - Obtain 10 diff guns
~Sorcerer - Obtain 10 diff spells
~Warrior - Obtain 10 diff mellee weapons
~Aku Uka - obtain tiki armor (crash referance)
~Summoner - Obtain 3 diff summoning weapons


Invisble DOES NOT mean invisible!: Get killed while using an ivisible potion.
Pyrovision: Kill a hardmode boss while using just a flamethrower.
Flying Away: Craft all the wings.
The Nymph's Luck: Get a nymph banner.
Holy Water: Kill 10 Vampires within 5 seconds.
More Than Just Flames: Kill any boss with just a flare gun.
The Floor Is Lava!: Fly over 50 blocks of lava.
Ancient Slash: Craft all swords.
Up and Down: Go from the top of the world to the bottom of the world without any flying accesories.


Surgical Knife: Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu with a Shortsword. I think this is my favorite "shortsword" achievement.

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Revo :3

Cataclysm : take 9999 dmg by falling
Chlorophyte!!!: unlock the chlorophyte
Riot Terrarian : Kill a mob with the sniper
Bye earth : Rush the highest height in the map


Technophobe - Defeat The Destroyer, Twins and Skelatronprime at the same time. (Must be summoned within 7 seconds of the first summoning)
The Wooden Age - Defeat any boss with only wood based items.


I think there should be some achievements that are subtle references to other media, like many of the other things in Terraria. Unfortunately though, I'm not qualified to think of any good ones, since this is all I could come up with:

You monster
-Kill a bunny for the first time


  • Zookeeper: Obtain all companion pets! (excluding the bunny)
  • Meanie: Kill the guide 30 times.
  • Legendary Landlord: Have all NPC's, but with nice houses*.
  • Homeowner from Hell: Set your spawn in the underworld.
  • Corruption Crusader: Destroy all Demon altars in the world.
  • Crimson Crusader: Destroy all Crimson altars in the world.
  • Slow Roast: Stay on fire for over a minute.
  • Scrooge McScrewup: Fire a platinum coin from a coin gun and have it hit nothing.
  • Use Razor Leaf!: Finish off a boss using the Chlorophyte armor bonus.
  • Cheater: Wear an article of Dev armor.
  • Too Cool for School: Equip sunglasses.
  • 20% More Intense: Equip Intense Rainbow Dye in every vanity slot.
  • Grinding Complete!: Craft an Ankh Charm.
  • Boom. Headshot. : Kill another player with the sniper rifle.
  • Counterattack: Kill a boss with a star from the star cloak or star veil.
  • Mature individual: Craft a fart in a jar.
  • Starground: Fall to your death from space.
  • Untouched Usurper: Defeat the King Slime without taking any damage.
  • Ophthalmologist: Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu without getting hit by the main eye.
  • Kinda Corruption Cleanser: Defeat the Eater of worlds without taking any damage.
  • Honorary Scholar: Defeat the Brain of Cthulhu without getting hit by the brain.
  • Allergic: Defeat Queen Bee without getting stung. (Hornets or stingers)
  • Daywalker: Defeat Skeletron during the day.
  • Medium-Rare: Defeat the Wall of flesh without touching getting set on fire.
  • Chartreuse Cookout: Defeat The Twins without getting set on fire.
  • Modern-Day Dragon Slayer: Defeat The Destroyer using only guns.
  • Pretty ineffective: Defeat Skeletron Prime using only melee weapons.
  • Little Plantera of Horrors: Defeat Plantera, IN SPAAAAACEE!!!
  • No Camping: Defeat the Golem in under 2 minutes.
  • Swimsuit party: Defeat Duke Fishron while wearing no armor.
*Santa and traveling merchant excluded.
In order to have a nice home, the housing must be larger than 1000 blocks, and must contain at least 10 unique items.
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