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I think that there should be a time attack achievement for boss battles like, "You beat the Wall of Flesh in 30 seconds!" *MEAT SHREDDER*.
Maybe something for best times, too? Only if it's possible.
i know this may seem a bit hard, but i like to earn my achievements, kill your first dungeon guardian, then again i have killed like 7 of them, and a one point 2 within 10 minutes of each other


I know I'm late, but I'm gonna try and be creative here, not that there are not enough...
I had to dump my ideas before they went away. Sorry it's a long list, but i think more achievements will keep players busy.

Survival issues - Be killed by a green slime
Population control - Kill 100 total bunnies. Don't worry, they'll be back.
Killer - Kill 100 total enemies
Mass Murderer - kill 500 total enemies
Extinction event - Kill 1000 total enemies
Combo kill - Kill 3 enemies with one attack
Wrecking ball - Kill 10 enemies with one attack
I am became death - Kill 20 enemies with one attack
Ouch - Deal 50 damage with one hit
Wont be walking after that - Deal 150 with one hit
Menacing - Deal 500 damage with one hit
HOLY-- - Deal 1000 damage in one hit. You broke the system...
Encounter! - Kill a rare spawn
No lolligagin' - Kill an enemy without breaking stride
Strike! - Kill multiple enemies with single stick of dynamite
Grenade out! - Kill an enemy with a grenade off screen
Testing - attack and kill a single enemy with ranged, melee, and magic damage
Squire - Kill 100 enemies with Melee
Student - Kill 100 enemies with magic
Scout - Kill 100 enemies with ranged
Gotcha - Kill an enemy with cursed flame under water
I make it rain - Use crimson rain or the nimbus rod to deal over 1000 damage total with one cloud
Fellin' lucky, punk? - Damage an enemy using any weapon and Finnish them off with the revolver
Bulldozer - Kill 10 enemies consecutively with melee without breaking stride
Not a vampire - Steal 500 total health from enemies
Maybe a vampire - Steal 1000 total Health from enemies
Ok, I'm a vampire - Steal 5000 total health

First steps - Walk 100 blocks
Runner - Run 1000 total blocks
Leaving a tread - Run 10,000 Blocks
Marathon man - Run a total of 26,000 blocks. Need a water break?
I like to move it - move continuously for a minute straight
Leap of faith - fall for 10 seconds straight, no help from ropes
I don't think this is how it works... - Walk along the very top of the world. Your dreams of being an astronaut were crushed on the spot.
NOPE - Run far enough away from a boss it de-spawns
Around the world - Run from one ocean to the other without stopping for longer than 10 seconds, while Daft punk plays in the background

Bloodshot - Survive a bloodmoon
Horror movie Terraria - Survive an eclipse
Spooked - Complete a Pumpkin moon
Let it go - Complete a Frost moon
First moon on the man - Complete a Lunar event
Putting on the big boy gloves - Enter hardmode
Impact - Have a meteor hit the world
Red rain - Kill 500 enemies while it is raining
A war I was not invited to - Kill a Hallow/corruption/crimson enemy in it's opposite element

Not so boss now! (Name of boss) - Kill (Name of boss)
I'll start a trophy room! - Hang a boss trophy on a wall
Close call - Defeat a boss under while you have 10-20HP
WHAT - Die from a boss while it is under 10% HP
Final straw - kill a hardmode boss with a <5 damage attack
Challenge? - Spawn all mechanical bosses at once- and live to tell the tale
Well rounded - Kill a boss with magic, melee, and ranged damage

Mangled - Be killed in less than 3 consecutive hits
Oh... - Die by an explosive trap
Medic? - Die 30 seconds after respawning. The nurse is there for a reason...
Wombo combo'd - Be killed by 2 mobs at once
Claimed by the spirits - Die during an event
Mining incident - Kill yourself with your own explosive, idiot
Indiana Jones wannabe - Be killed (or seriously hurt) by a boulder trap
Surprise! - Be killed (or seriously hurt) by a poison trap
Swallowed by darkness - Be killed in complete darkness. Next time, bring a glow stick or two
Insult to injury - Be knocked into lava by an enemy
Tanker - Take over 1000 damage in your life
Battle scarred - Receive 100,000 points of total damage. You suck at dodging, don't you?
That's gonna leave a mark - Receive over 100 points of damage in one hit
With a vengeance - Kill the boss that killed you in a previous battle
With every last breath - Kill over 50 enemies while under 20% HP
Journey's end - Die on a hardcore character

My first coin - Pick up a copper coin
Silver Sheen - Acquire a silver coin
Gold Doubloons - Acquire a gold coin
Platinum edition - Acquire a Platinum coin
Bling bling - Pick up 10 gold within 30 seconds
Score! - Pick up a rare boss drop
Lucky duck - Pick up a rare drop from a common enemy
Finders keepers - Find the enchanted sword. Could be a valuable link to the past.
A warrior is born - Equip the warrior's emblem
Arcane graduate - Equip the Mage emblem
Marksman - Equip the ranger emblem
Fear will follow - Equip all Menacing accessories
Tank for hire - Equip all Warding accessories
Gambler's dream - Equip all Lucky accessories
Like the wind - Equip all Quick accessories
Infinity strike - equip all Violent accessories
Godsend - Forge or pick up a Godly weapon
The Legends told of it - Forge or pick up a Legendary weapon
From beyond the dimensions - forge or pick up a Mythical weapon
Reality check, please - Forge or pick up an Unreal weapon
Depths of the underworld - Forge or pick up a Demonic weapon
Upgraded - Craft an item higher teir than copper
Daylight's end - Combine the elements to wield the night's edge
Light's revenge - Use a god's metal to wield the Excalibur
I have the power! - Craft the terrablade
Soul master - Pick up one of every 6 souls
Deceiving to the eye - Equip all beetle armor
Deadly apparition - Equip all Specter armor
Fade unto darkness - Equip all Shroomite armor
Nature's real gift - Equip all chlorophyte armor
God's messenger - Equip all Hallowed armor
Initiate - Equip all cobalt/Palladium armor
Battle ready - Equip all Mythrill/Orichalcum armor
True Warrior - Equip all Adamantite/Titanium armor
Ninja reflexes - Equip the master ninja gear
Darude - Find the sandstorm in a bottle

Welcome to the hostile paradise - Crate a character
Burn not - Jump into water while on fire
Brew master - Brew 20 potions
MLG Quick-scoper - Fall more than 30 blocks and kill an enemy with the sniper rifle while you drink your mountain dew
Aimbot - Kill an enemy with chlorophyte bullets and get banned by whiny admins
Party time - Fire a confetti gun
Ohhhh - Set off a firework
Ahhhh - Set off 3 fireworks at once using a wired contraption
Grand finale - Set off 6 fireworks at once Using a wired contraption
Limited time offer - Buy something from the traveling merchant
Murder in the village - Kill the guide or clothier with their voodoo doll equipped. You monster.
I never really liked you anyway - Throw the guide/clothier voodoo doll in lava not found in the underworld
Mini heart attack - catch a voodoo doll in mid air before it falls in underworld lava pre-hardmode
Unlocking the secret powers - Use a special key in one of the dungeon chests
Flying like a bird - Find a floating island
Mush! - Acquire a mount

Ok, I'm done. Whew.
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What have I done: Plant Corruption or Crimson Seeds
Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Kill the guide, an npc and a bunny

What time is it: fish for a whole day

STOP, Hammertime: kill a boss with a hammer
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The Destroyer
Purple People eater- defeat the eater of worlds
Look how far you've come- Defeat Plantera
Revenge- Defeat the dungeon guardian
Progress- Defeat the wall of flesh
True Mage- Wear full Spectre armor
True Archer- Wear full shroomite armor
True Warrior- Wear full beetle armor
Unstoppable- Get every boss trophy in a single world
Overdoing it- deal 90 damage more than an enemy's health (No critters)
That's what you get- Drink a red potion
That's all the ideas I have. I may post some more
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Empress of Light
My precious!: Get a Diamond Ring.
Killionaire!: Get 1000 kills during 1 event.
One shot is all I need: Kill 20 creatures with 1 shot. (Jester's arrows?)
Make it rain: Obtain a nimbus rod.
Collector: Get 1 type of Terrarium.
Beastmaster: Get every type of Terrarium.
Cheating death: Take over 10000 damage in one life.
Overkill: Deal more than 10x an enemy's health worth of damage to that enemy.
Doing the impossible: Kill a Dungeon Guardian.
MEDIC!: Use 100 healing potions.
Help...: Have 5 debuffs at once.
Saviour: Kill an enemy that was close to an NPC or player who was on less than 10HP.
Perfection: Defeat Golem without ever dying during your playthrough (defeat all essential bosses up to that point).
Untouchable: Defeat Golem without ever taking damage (Same as above)
Ends of the world: Touch all 4 world edges. bottom, top, left and right.
I looked forward for that :D

Some Ideas:
Purify X Blocks of corrution (doesn´t matter how)
Corrupt X Blocks.

I´d say about 100 of the former and 10-50 for the latter would be fine.
After all, its more about you getting the method done, and noone wants corruption in their world. (except you know, you´re going for a fully corrupted world)

i like the "kill 666 demons" and the "kill 1000 undead" quests. They are very much doable when you play for some time, but nothing you have to look for (like killing Tim. 2% spawn chance, i have some hundreds of hours in terraria and only encountered him once. if you´re unlucky, you´re screwed.)

Also, some spawnable monsters could get an extry achievement, like the Kingslime. That way, you´re not bound to beeing lucky.

I really hope you won´t include "cleanse the whole world of the corrution" into those achievements. i doubt that will be fun.
Same goes for stuff like "kill the dungeon guardian" or " reach wave 15 in the frostmoon event". you can´t solo that.

Maybe an Achievement called "hellevator: take 10k falling damage" (or if you manage to implent it the way that it tracks you falling from the surface to hell in one go, that would be even better)

Another one: Reach Hardmode with a Hardcore character. (but thats already kinda... forced)

I´m a bit concerened about the 100 fishing quests. I´d rather go with "fish 10 different fish" or something similar.

All in all, i´d much prefer the Achievements actually track your progress, than forcing you into doing stuff you´d never do on your own. That doesn´t mean the tasks should be easy or done within some seconds of gameplay. it just means you can track, what you´ve achieved while having played the game the way you would have played it without the achievs.
But i guess many people have a different point of view for that topic.

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Here's a silly idea:

Mini-Me: Sell the Clothier his own Voodoo Doll

While having 4 or more NPCs, allow all of them to die during the Goblin Invasion
Pwned: Kill a hardmode enemy using only the Pwnhammer
Stop Hitting Yourself!: Kill the Golem with his own Fist
Transporter Accident: Use the Rod of Discord too much
Allow the Guide to die before making him a house

and that's all I can think of for now


Randomness: Get the achievement at a random point in the game, no requirements, no guarantees (you might get it the moment your first world loads but also you might never get it).

Dining like a king: Buy and place the fancy dishes from the travelling merchant.

The Flaming Crown

Skeletron Prime
"Roads?" "Where were going we don't need any roads.": Hover for 5000 blocks on a hoverboard

Also, good luck reading through 71 pages of suggestions.


As of now we are officially up to date with all 71 pages!
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