Official A Lively World - Terraria 1.3 Spoilers & TCF Launch Event!

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I'm looking so forward to 1.3. The new event insects look like Eaters/Corruptors with Phazon spilled on them, while the new occultic shenanigans look especially promising!

I'm still thinking it's time for a Meteo spellbook though.
As a special TCF launch weekend event, we will be sharing spoilers throughout this weekend - based on how many people sign up on TCF (plus more if we are feeling generous). So sign up, get involved, tell a friend!

Apparently 6000 people isn't enough.
Just signed up... but anyways, perhaps they are summoning a dragon in that image where they seem to worship something?

As far as guesses go, that is a long shot, but I once played an adventure game called Discworld 1 where there was a cult which tried to summon a dragon. They look a bit like those people. Here is a video of the intro of that game, on the spot where the cult is shown. Similar movement :)

Not bad speculation? :) :).

Skip to about 1 min 10 seconds to see it start.

Naah, no way it is about that, but just thought to write, it reminded me of that.
It's all up to the devs, folks....and as noted, its the weekend. I do know we gave out more on night one than that's probably part of it too.

I've asked.

Don't want anyone to think concerns and such aren't being read. :)
We are so close to 1000! I just want more spoilers! All weekend I have kept this tab up and checked 50 pages for spoilers but nothing.
I did the same thing! I thought maybe they were being posted throughout the thread so I read every page yesterday excitedly. I do hope we get some more before the day is over *fingers crossed*
yey post 1k
(ninja'd like a bawss!)

dunno what this is, some HP/mana bar made out of text? =P
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