• Labor of Love: Our plan is to release the update on PC at 10 am EST on September 28th. We’ll push all other approved platforms live at that time, keep in mind, those systems are more complex, so actual time it arrives on your device could vary - you’ll want to keep an eye out!

Official A Lively World - Terraria 1.3 Spoilers & TCF Launch Event!

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Please don't spam to get post counts up here....whether or not a spoiler is coming will have nothing to do with the post count in this thread. ;)


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more on the topic of armor animations, will there be anything besides the fix?
(like the palladium helmet thing being animated when you walk)


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Like I said the spoilers are probably done for now, the second post when this topic was first made did say reserved for more spoilers.


Like I said the spoilers are probably done for now, the second post when this topic was first made did say reserved for more spoilers.
Again, it just seems odd that they'd say a weekend of spoilers and "Spoilers depending on how many people join plus more if we're feeling generous" and then only do it for a day. Like a few people have suggested, maybe there will be more at midnight. Sort of like catching us off guard or whatever with something really cool because a lot of people will figure that there are no more spoilers left.

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Exactly. I don't think most people would take "we will be sharing additional spoilers throughout this weekend" to mean "just friday".
Dusk, 28 September,2014
cenx has not posted a spoiler in 2 days, i'm loosing sleep. the sky's darkening as I click refresh. With every waking moment I feel a piece of the hype fade away, I wait anxiously as there has been no word on a spoiler. "How long must I wait" crying to the computerscreen, "how long" as my eyes begin to close my mother walks slowly into my room, she can hear the tears as they plop onto the keyboard, "whats wrong"? asks mother. "Theres been no spoiler in 2 days" I cry. "what a looser" my mom replies.

until the time comes, god bless you all.- vimio (Brent)


Can't wait for this update! Started playing Terraria before the Console 1.2 update, loved the 1.2 update, but hated the bugs, lost 6 platinum :( Just joined here today, and I am excited for this WOOT!


Its not about the posts, its about the ppl joining the forums. So wait a bit for ppl to join and all their plans shall be revield :p


OVER 1000 PEOPLE HAVE JOINED SINCE THIS WAS RELEASED!!!! RELEASE MORE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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