Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

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In my opinion, for ease of creating mods.
Even I can answer the 6th question. It is not Re-Logic who is developing TML and therefore you need to ask other people developing this application ...
Hi Soul, this thread is for people to ask questions - please wait for Re-Logic to answer them before responding!
Why did you add master mode when all it does is increase damage?
Why did you remove the underground desert entrance?
Why did you make town music override all other music tracks except rain?
Why did you make NPC happiness and increased prices a thing?
Why did you add the torch god?
Why did you make biome keys, the slime staff, and rod of discord so rare?
Why did you make the crimson so much more powerful than the corruption and the alternate ores stronger than the original ones?
Why did you make fishing mandatory for so many things(cell phone, potions, etc.)?
Why do summoners have so little defense?
Why does block swap not work on sand, under trees and cactus, and next to lava, where it would arguably be the most useful?
Why did you merge throwing with ranged instead of melee?
Why did you change desert fossils in 1.4?
Why do cracked dungeon bricks make a squish sound when you mine them?
Why is the traveling merchant's stuff so expensive and useless?
Why don't music boxes record songs instantly?
Why are solar eclipses so rare?
Why are some of the 1.4.1 vanity sets world-evil exclusive?
Why do dev sets only drop in hardmode?
Why did you move lucky horseshoes from floating islands to the underground?
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Hello Terrarians! The 1.4 Journey's End update has been out in your hands for a bit now, and since you've had a chance to play through and experience most of the new, exciting changes and additions, we thought it would be fun to give you a chance to ask some behind the scenes questions of the skilled programmers and gifted artists of Re-Logic that spent their time working on this update. Best of all, just for joining in you may even win a prize!


Now's your chance to ask those burning questions, such as what was the hardest thing to code, how do the artists get inspired to create a new item, what goes into the balancing of a new weapon, etc. You can ask your question to the group in general, or if you want to ask a specific Terraria dev, here's who will be joining us in this Q&A event:

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  • Ask your questions in this thread, starting now until Tuesday, January 19 at 10:00 PM EST. Answers will be posted at a later date compiled together.
  • One post per member. No placeholder posts. You can ask as many questions as you want, but please keep them in one post. You may edit your post anytime.
  • Please keep questions reasonable and do not spam.
  • Some questions will be chosen and answered (not all of them).
  • Every member that asks a question will automatically be entered into a raffle.
    • You can ask as many questions as you want, but it won't increase your chance of winning. One raffle entry per qualifying member.
    • Raffle winner will be chosen by random draw and will win a prize of $50 Steam money. The winner will be announced with the answers.

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That wraps it up for now Terrarians. Have fun with this opportunity and let the questions begin!

A quick reminder - this is for the PC dev team. Please don't ask questions about Console or Mobile. `:)
I have 6 questions for you.

1. Will Terraria have a sequel?
2. What current projects are you working on?
3. Will Journey's End for console come around sometime in February or March?
4. How did Terraria originate?
5. Will console Journey's End remove the Console Exclusive Vanities or will they be kept?
6. When will tModLoader update to 1.4?
To the artists:
How did you get to doing pixel art for games and stuff?
What are the biome(s) you've had the most fun drawing and inventing stuff like items and mobs?
Were the banners a big hassle? There are a lot of them.
Were there too many scrapped decorative item/block ideas?

To the programmers:
Why did you make the blood moon mini bosses immune to knock-back? It's my only gripe with them.
Did anyone think about bringing those old holidays bosses(thanksgiving and easter bosses) back on 1.4?
What was the most annoying AI to program in the game?

To everyone:
Why did you all persist so much in Terraria? I imagine there must have been multiple moments before Journey's End where it almost ended prematurely.
Do any of you play Terraria every now and then? If so, is there a favorite class you prefer to play with and which one is it?
Did any of you have a hand at the songs? Which one was it and how was it?
Was there any other crossover idea that didn't end up coming to fruition?

Random questions:
What's the BEST drink? (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic one)
What are your favorite pets? Did they have any influence on the creation of Pets and Pet NPCs?
Destruction or Creation? Which one do you prefer?
For everyone:
  • How much creative control did you all have over new features / content?
  • What did you do before getting involved in Terraria?
  • It seems like Terraria could have kept pushing new updates indefinitely, as it seems like Minecraft will do. Did you all have any input on the decision to release a final version of Terraria? What kind of questions were considered in making the decision to wind down development? (As an aside, I like that the game will have a final version, and Journey's End is quite a grand finish!)
  • What's next for each of you after Terraria? Are you going to be developing future games with ReLogic, or are you moving on to new things?
Hello game devs! I know you are probably going to be busy with all of the posts so I'll make this quick.

1. How long did it take for all of you to come up with the idea of Terraria in general and what inspired you to continue expanding upon the franchise?

2. I am about to start my second semester in college and I'm concentrating on video game design. What was the hardest part regarding coding and sprite design?

3. Are there any tips you have for somebody starting out with coding (type of code or strategies)?

4. What gave you ideas regarding boss designs like Duke of Fishron?

In the future sometime I hope to create games myself. It has been my dream to be a game developer. I really don't ask questions that often, but when I saw this I just had to take the opportunity to ask these to the very people who created the game I have been playing since I was a kid.
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suppose i'll give this a go, though i have a feeling all my questions will already be asked by time i post.

1. why is there no corrupted version of the jungle?
2. why is there no mechanical brain of cthulhu?
3. what is your favorite material to build with?
4. what is your favorite item in the game?
5. favorite non-boss enemy you worked on?
6. favorite boss, and why?
7. your favorite song in the game?
8. favorite biome?
9. what was your biggest challenge?
10. which small, almost unnoticeable detail in the game is your favorite?
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