OOC Black, Tainted Calamity (OOC Thread)

I currently do not have much time right now to be on the forums until later today, but I would like to address this immediately as the Calamity Mod Team released the 1.4 port along with this.

As this RP started before the port, all items that were removed by the port will still be available by the same way they were obtained before.

However, in the same vain, Terraria 1.4 content will be restricted from entering the RP until further notice, as even the actual mod isn't stable on 1.4 and so we dunno how well Calamity stuff would interact with it and, again, this RP started before the port... or even Terraria 1.4.

Hope that prevents some possible confusion concerning the recent port and how it affects the RP, thanks for your time.
I wasn't planning on using anything from terraria 1.4 anyway, so this shouldn't be a problem for me
2 questions

1: Is it okay if I have a major strength as long as I have a major weakness?

2: are all the bosses from calamity in the RP? Cause I was thinking of making like a more advanced slime god as my character
Just saying that the second this gets revived (or the second I'm awake after revival if it happens when I sleep), I am getting right back to doing whatever it is I was last doing here
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