CC Creation Compendium #26

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, May 31, 2015.

  1. Necrogue

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    Lots of space ships. I fine that a funny, yet not to surprising, coincidence. Anyway, excellent work, everyone who was in this!
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  2. ShadowDX

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    Ok I think everyone is awaiting Terraria 1.3 and wants new content, but there is still so much possibilities in Terraria! I think in those last ~30 days we should post more stuff related to because otherwise it will drown in the wave of 1.3 fresh content!:sigh: What do you think? (I can start if noone wants to go first) :rolleyes:
  3. TheQuietBisharp

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  4. Dg-vr

    Dg-vr Dungeon Spirit

    there's a lot of entries this time whoa!! :eek:
    and @Freenight that's not a's a submarine...;(
  5. LoveSpreader

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    A submarine is just a ship that can sink itself. I winked, right? :dryadwink:
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  6. Redconer

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    Currently drawing a scene of me suffering from the Twins, I've lost 3 times to Spaz and I still lose to it
  7. VaeVictis

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  8. Squideer

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    Gotta say, That item looks pretty sick.
  9. W1K

    W1K Witch

    Too bad I had to "nerf" the particles because they reached the engine's limit in like seconds of constant shooting. It still looks amazin tho, just a bit more transparent.
  10. Squideer

    Squideer Official Terrarian

    Just a random thought, But why not take a similar pattern (Although one that won't overload the engine), And apply it to the flight animation for a pair of boots?:happy:
  11. rebelfact

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  12. DankySkeleton

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    Wow all the art is the best even the pixel art is cool thank you for the art. All the building are petty good and MINECRAFT!!![​IMG]
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  13. VojtaSekera

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    Isn't CC supposed to release all entries? Mine is missing :(
  14. Qui Devorat

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  15. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    How did you enter?
  16. Coldshot Boostar

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    On your profile, you have a comment on that post too.
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  17. DiabeticBacon.exe

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    Im so impressed by all of these, this is the best CC EVER!!!!
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  18. Sargon

    Sargon Terrarian

    My name is missing a h-letter... T_T

    Nevertheless, it's hard to pick your favorite when there are so many excellent candidates and other works are not far behind.
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  19. GoldenTerrabyte

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    Awesome! How do ya guys like my first ever entry to the Creation Compendium? ;)
  20. DTi56

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