tModLoader Good Luck Have Fun (Harder Terraria Mod)

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will this mod stack with other mods that also increase health and damage of enemies and bosses ?
So I found expert mode easy after a while so I made a mod to make me rage quit. This mod works in normal mode and will stack with expert mode and any other similar mods. The effects are active when you have the mod enabled. With all that said, let's take a look at the actual changes.
These changes are for the next update:

1.25x Health
1.25x Damage
1.25x Defense
1.25x Knockback Resistance
1.5x Money Dropped
Natural Regeneration (stronger regen in hardmode)
Immunity to traps and lava
1.25x spawnrates
1.25x max enemy spawns

The Twins
They still help each other out after death

The Destroyer
It occasionally summons a laser airstrike

Skeletron Prime
It fires lasers in random directions while spinning if he has no limbs

You have a chance to get the bleeding debuff when damaged.

There are poorly sprited biome cores which are accessories. They have a 1/500 chance to drop in their respective biome in hardmode. Each one increases a different stat and they can all be combined to create a powerful accessory.

Download on the mod browser​

increase health and damage
Hey so I do know that the mod hasn't been updated in a while so it's bound to have bugs now but the sky core doesn't seem to be dropping I've killed almost 4 thousand harpy's and wyverns combined. Also when ever the cores do drop they seem to drop doubles or triples of them self it's not like a bad thing but it's not meant to be happing I'm sure
Ever heard of eternity mode
yea, you need to work like that if you want the mod to be truly hard.
this mod was before eternity and the thread was dead since march 24 2020 to january 4 of this year, so the thread its dead and he said that he do this as a hobby not his real job.
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