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Great buildings(and else)


Seems a little biased towards USA. I would not list the Flatiron building, the One World Trade Center, Chrysler building or the Space Needle as some of the worlds most iconic buildings. Certainly not above the likes of the Dome of Rock or the Great Pyramid of Giza. I also agree that there seems to be some UK buildings deserving of the title 'iconic' in the world of Architecture. I personally believe, despite being from England, that the Shard and Lloyds building are not in the same league as some of the other buildings listed. I would argue however that Westminster Palace is deserving of a place.


View attachment 27183 This is my base,below my current base there is an old,abandoned base which is gonna be used for storage,and below that there is that silver room full of platinum coins.Now you might ask why i might make such a room,and my answer is "why not?".Also it has a tunnel with actuators.
Wow, i love floating islands/buildings. Made me want to create one for my own world!


Skeletron Prime
My Death Star 3.0 from my main world:
Yeah I know I copied this from a Yrimir idea, but since then I pampered with it a lot lol.

Doesn't exactly look like this since stuff changed, but this is the latest pic, one that I bothered taking.


Hello. I write first post on this forum. I looked at another building and I admire your talent guys :O I want to show you my last dome-house made main by granite, marble and obsidian + little jungle and mushroom biome-farm. Enjoy :) (If my speech is incorrect, I'm sorry, english is not my native language.)



I read that as "Great buildings(or else)" and got really scared.
Anywways, this is my main world that I'm working on:
Capture 2016-06-16 12_50_36.png

I'm currently working on that big giant hole in the underground down there. Not at all close to done.


Here's my magnificent octopus, started this around and worked on it up to around Gigantic clocktower with themed houses for all NPCs, greenhouse, storage, liquid storage, and crafting room. Also has room for all trophies, terrariums, and armor sets (though I haven't finished filling those out yet). The bottom rooms are also a bit empty, I might end up making them an art gallery. But I mostly play with tModloader now, and I don't think I could TEdit this into a modded world, so I probably won't do much more to this.

Capture 2016-07-04 09_42_12.png
Going for CC! Which do you guys think i should enter?
These are my ideas of what a snip of the vortex and stardust planets would look like
(Warning, big images, terraria almost couldn't handle the vortex one)
Capture 2016-07-31 16_55_25.png
Capture 2016-07-31 17_05_11.png

Capture 2016-07-31 17_06_03.png
Capture 2016-07-31 16_54_36.png


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messing around with backgrounds and monoliths, and made solar and nebula
i think its better i missed last cc, these backgrounds really make a difference

mushroom (dark)
Capture 2016-08-08 14_09_55.png
Capture 2016-08-08 13_58_42.png
Capture 2016-08-08 14_04_13.png
Capture 2016-08-08 14_04_34.png

forest, day
Capture 2016-07-31 17_05_11.png
Capture 2016-08-08 14_08_39.png

forest, day
Capture 2016-08-08 14_00_48.png
day, ice
Capture 2016-08-08 14_06_24.png
Capture 2016-08-08 14_06_12.png



So, I started a fairly large build a couple days ago. I'm kind of proud of what I've got so far. I've tried other large building projects before, but this is the first I've felt like I'll continue to the end. Torches are placed randomly to create lighting. Will clean up.
Capture 2016-09-13 11_35_41.png
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