Hello the Terrarian learns to draw

What do you guys want to see?

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The Destroyer
Alright, since my request wasn't done yet, I'd like to rearrange it.
Of course I'm still with style no. 1

with a chlorophyte greataxe.
I prefer her hair to be visible, so whether she holds the helmet or just has it opened with hair sticking out is up to you. I also forgot to add Star Veil here, so yeah.
Here's Milt's doodle for a better ref
I completely forgot about this thread. Should take a look at what I even requested on here. Knowing me, the only reference image I had provided was a tiny as heck ingame Terraria sprite.


"Although I've left TCF, I'm going to finish up the last requests I still have pending in this thread that have proper references. From here on out, my requests will be closed and this thread will also be closed." @HelloTheTerrarian speaking.

;-; da red hair purson will be mist


The Destroyer
I would like to see this armor I made in style 1.5, holding a Terra Blade and an Optic Staff. I would like to see him fighting The Destroyer, but Plantera or a different Mechanical boss could work. The blue bits are glowing, so try to keep that detail.



Stardust Pillar
Update post.

Yeah, thread is closed. Won't be here again for a really, really long time.
I would like this thread deleted as soon as possible.
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