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Terraria State of the Game - April 2021

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Greetings Terrarians!

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers... or so we are told. So, what kind of showers can you expect in April's State of the Game? Well, the kind that get everyone hyped up for what is yet to come in 2021! We certainly have some items of interest to hit for everyone this month - so enough of the flowery language and on with the news!











We knew we could count on Terrarians everywhere to show off their immense creativity once we launched Steam Workshop support - and you did not let us down! Since release around a month ago, we have already closing in on 9000 uploads! Beyond the quantity, of course, is the sheer quality of a lot of these - from the serious to the silly, there are some really clever and well-executed ideas out there. If you have not checked out what the Terraria Steam Workshop has to offer, you are seriously missing out!

Click the banner above to check out the Terraria Workshop!



Speaking of quality, the development team is ready to reveal its first round of "Developer's Choice" selections for the Workshop! As a reminder, these will each receive the special "Developer's Choice" tag, and will be displayed on the front page of the workshop at all times in the Developer's Choice section. Our selection process was simple - each team member was asked to recommend any packs or worlds that they felt were especially clever or well done and then we all voted for the winners. To say that there were far too many great entries to get them all in this first wave would be a massive understatement. That said, we decided up front to limit ourselves to just a handful to start. Don't see your fave here? Wait until next time and see if it shows up then!

Please remember that "clever or well done" doesn't always mean something is the biggest or most extensive pack or world - though that may be the case, we are more focused on the idea and the execution of what it intends to be.

Click the banner above to check out all of the Developer's Choice items!

So, who are the inaugural Developer's Choice winners? The envelope, please!


Clockwork Mechs

Just a really nice evolution of the mechanical bosses, we have loved this one since we first saw it right at the launch of the Workshop.



Capri-Dust Dragon

A really fun take on one of our favorite winners from the Vanity Contest. Clever, well executed - what's not to love here?



Kobold Invasion

Another pack that we have enjoyed since the start of the workshop. Such a simple idea, but one that gives a lot more variety to our good old goblins.



Calamity Texture Pack

A long-running fan favorite from one of the most popular Terraria mods of all time. Definitely a high quality piece that you should check out.



Reworked Buff Icons

A great idea and excellent pack that remains under development - this is something we hope to see get fully completed, but is already worth checking out!



Boss Colored Relics

Someone took our already-epic Boss Relics and took them to the next level. Don't like gold? Make the move to color!



The Pylons (Journey)

Ever wanted to have @Khaios build you an epic world that already has really cool spots for your Pylons? Wish granted!
(Note that this map is also available in Classic - Expert - Master as well... but we could only link one!)



A Link to Terraria

We are huge Zelda fans - so the idea of a long-running Terrarian tribute to one of our favorite franchises is going to get our attention. This one has been around since the Terraria Online days and remains updated to this day - no better time than now to check it out!




This one presents a very unique challenge to the player - only through thorough knowledge of the game and some top-notch resourcefulness will you be able to reach the end goal! Plus, the author keeps a close eye out for any too-tough spots and keeps things updated.
(Note: the author has uploaded various versions as different maps, this is the most current (1.4) as of this writing)


As always, keep your bug reports coming via the handy bug report button below!


Thanks again, Terrarians - we are as always blown away by your support!

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Hello everyone!

The TML Team - along with all of our contributors - have been making huge strides towards getting TML 1.4 out to you as soon as possible. We wanted to share a bit of our latest progress with everyone

We've just merged our biggest branch ever, which moves the game to the .NET 5 Runtime and the FNA game framework on all platforms, eliminating many Linux & Mac bugs by moving away from Mono, and greatly expanding programming and modding possibilities. Additionally, the branch achieved AnyCPU (Optional 64-bit) support with a single, cross-platform executable, so say goodbye to the Out Of Memory Exception.

Our biggest remaining goals as of now are the following:
- Mod sound & music playback reimplementation & fixes.
- Object-oriented topological sorting-based redesign of interface layers and world generation passes.
- Conversion of Tile to 'struct' for the sake of memory optimizations.
- Steam Workshop support - though this may release after TML 1.4, the timing is still a bit undedecided

- Wishful thinking: Finishing Chik3r/tModPorter.

You can see our 1.0 milestone at tModLoader/tModLoader (But note that the completion percentage doesn't mean anything, because issues and PRs don't have weights.)

An official alpha/beta version is very likely to released soon. After we're done with these big branches, release will be very close! At this time, however, we still can't give anyone an ETA for the full release.

Developers who are willing to contribute may do so by doing PRs to the tModLoader/tModLoader branch. (See tModLoader/tModLoader)



The Re-Logic team does not directly develop TML, so bugs with TML are best reported via the links below.

tModLoader - Play Terraria with Mods!


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PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch - DR STUDIOS


Wow, is it nearly May already?! 2021 has flown by for sure. Over the last few weeks, the team has been hard at work focused on performance optimizations as well as fine tuning a lot of systems. Beyond that still remains a lot of "platform specific" tidbits to put in (functionality tied to a each individual console type), and we want to spend some more time making sure that the split screen experience feels just right. These really are a lot of little things that add up - but the team is hard at work checking these off one at a time (literally, we have a checklist going). What does all that mean in the end?

We realize that we are now at the point where we have enough "unknowns" out of the way so that we can at least estimate a potential submission/launch window. To get there, the team took a full, detailed inventory of everything we have left in front of us and then added a conservative time estimate to each item. This was then laid out in a very detailed internal "road to the finish" plan. Where does that all net out?

Our current plan is to have Terraria: Journey's End out for Xbox and PlayStation in Q3 2021
Switch will follow shortly afterwards

We know that some will be glad to finally have some sense of timing, while others might feel disappointed that it is not any sooner. To be clear, the team is hammering away at the plan already and expects to exceed those conservative time estimates - hopefully that means that we can continue to pull things up sooner and sooner as we go (and we will give revised estimates when we can for sure). We just wanted to get our first conservative window out there so that all of you had a sense for things instead of another month of wondering and speculating.

We are happy to answer any questions that you have (and that we are able to answer) - and we thank you for your patience as we work hard to get a great version of Journey's End for console to you later this year.



Repeating what we shared above, we expect to have Journey's End for Switch out later this year, just a bit behind Xbox and PlayStation.

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Hello everyone!

Those pesky console versions are taking up all of the development time of late, as you know. However, just remember that we likely will be pulling over a lot of cool new things that we put together on that side over to the mobile side in the future. We definitely have not forgotten about our mobile friends out there - and just as soon as we are able to share our future plans on that front, we will. We just ask that you stay patient a bit longer while we work hard to bring console up to the 1.4 era. As always, we welcome everyone to continue to submit any issues that they are having on mobile via the link below!

Thanks as always for the honor and trust you give us each month to work on Terraria - it is not a responsibility that we take lightly, and we look forward to bringing more amazing things to you all as we move forward.

Greetings Terrarians!

Here's the latest and greatest happenings on the Community side of things. Thanks as always for being the most engaged and awesome gaming Community ever!


We have brought on board a few new partners over the last several weeks, but they are not QUITE ready to show some looks into what we will be doing together. So, you will have a wait a touch longer there. In addition, our existing partners will be looking to roll out both news updates and new products in the months ahead. Personally, our team loves the suite of products and partners that we have out there right now as well as the momentum that we have in expanding upon that base. Thanks for your support of our partners, and we look forward to sharing what should be some very unique and cool Terraria items quite soon!



Oh yeah, that's right... just about 10 years ago, a little game developed by a single person in his living room made its way to Steam. All this time later, Terraria is not just alive and well, it is thriving moreso than at any time before! Be sure to join in on the celebration as we get closer to the big day itself. What sorts of things might be heading your way? Here's a few teasers....

New 10th Anniversary Art from an epic Community Artist

10th Anniversary Content Contest



We are on the cusp of the 10 Year Terraria Anniversary and we wanted to lead into the occasion by taking this time to give a massive shoutout to several notable members of the Terraria family. Each of them has gone up and beyond to help make Terraria one of the best gaming communities ever.
There is no way we will ever capture everyone here - and there are so many names from the past that have moved on, but whom touched the community in their own special ways. So, if we missed anyone, don't be too mad - we will have tons of time to reminisce once the 10th gets here in earnest. That said... huge thanks to you all for everything you do and know that you will always have a home in our community.​

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Until next time, Terrarians - we hope you have an amazing month, and we look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest next time!

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One month until the anniversary, phew. I do ever wonder what the content contest will be, though. If it's a submission for a potential small update to the game you bet I have some ideas.

Willow the wisp

Official Terrarian
so the best we can hope for is sometime this fall, huh...

and even after all of that, we still won't have the final update, cause 1.4.1 is the final content update.

so safe to say i won't be able to play the final version of the game until 2022?
1.4.1 isn't that big of an update, but, yeah, I'd guess that's probably true


Stardust Pillar
I noticed you didn't have a proper updated trailer for Terraria so I made one if you're interested

Anyway, this whole workshop buzz is streamlining the sexualization of almost every sprite (I downloaded a pack that looked nice and fixed a wall sprite I didn't like and.. I realized it also made Toxic Sludge into a slime girl) so yes epic! I love it!
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