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PC Hey all, I am selling any item! (Within reason)

SciLog1c, I will get you one tomorrow morning. Everyone, I was never able to get the Last prism, as I got nearly everything but that. Even the mask. Anyone wish to buy Crystal Staffs, lunar portal staff, and other moon lord drops? I also have martian stuff. If so, msg me what you want and a server ip we can use to trade on.

Sylok the Defiled

Excuse me, but do you happen to have a Sextant? I'l be willing to offer 2 platinum for 1!
[DOUBLEPOST=1436484365,1436484196][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, ezah_desaf, I have a S.L.T, and Im willing to sell it and give the loot from the trade to Treesmasher.
Okay, for everyone wanting to do trades with me, add me on steam. My steam name is crash199911. I will accept the request, and later on, I will set up a multiplayer world where we can do the trade.


I am looking for all fish-finder parts and a sun stone! I can give money, but I don't have many items to give.


Official Terrarian
How much for the Rainbow Crystal staff? I've got ankh charm components, quest fish, moon lord drops, luminite...
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