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Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

Discussion in 'Portfolios/Multi-Topic' started by Izzabelle, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. 5raptorboy

    5raptorboy Terrarian

    Now the question is... which one is The Tropics? Maybe it's the colored in robot? Or it could be the one underneath the shooting star.
  2. Guru-Jr

    Guru-Jr Terrarian

    Martian Madness Alt
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 4, 2016, Original Post Date: Aug 4, 2016 ---
    Dungeon Event
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 4, 2016 ---
    Bee Hive Alt
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 4, 2016 ---
    Snow Biome Alt
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 4, 2016 ---
    New structures?
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 4, 2016 ---
  3. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important Terrarian

    Please, use the edit button.
  4. Jeckel

    Jeckel Terrarian

    The occasional double post is not a big deal, but posting this many times in a row is not needed and can be annoying because it floods people with repetitive alerts. In the future, please use the edit button if you have something to add before the next person has posted.
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  5. Guru-Jr

    Guru-Jr Terrarian

    Sorry About This I will Not Do It Again.
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  6. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Strangely enough -- I didn't get any alerts for this thread since my last post :/ Something borked maybe?

    Tropics is the only one in my signature that is colored, but still locked.

    Not really
    Yes & No
    Certainly not.

    Also. I'm not going to reveal which is which without anyone matching the Sigils.


    And I'm surprised no one is guessing any of the names :dryadcry: I realize the names are much much more difficult to guess, but I still expected someone to try.
  7. Jeckel

    Jeckel Terrarian

    This is just something that happens some times, I know it has happened to me on various occasions. As near as I can tell, if you miss an alert from a thread one time, it stops giving you alerts for that thread until you check it manually. My advice is to occasionally check the 'Watched Threads' link at the top of the forum, that will list any watched threads that have posts that haven't been read yet and once you read those posts, the alerts will start working again. Additionally, I know the issue has been sent up the ladder a few times before, but as of yet no one has figured out a true fix for it or even what the root cause is.
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  8. Guru-Jr

    Guru-Jr Terrarian

    Any clues on the Martian Madness alt?
  9. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist


    But I am done revealing stuff for now. Everyone had some interesting guesses.
  10. zoroarkcity

    zoroarkcity Skeletron Prime

    These are all really great ideas!:pAlso, would you mind if I implemented the weapons from your Fallen Isles suggestion(Starwind, Starlord, and Starfire) into my mod as Sky Island Chest Loot? Of course, I would credit you.
  11. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Glad you like them! I'm actually not giving any permission for use of my biomes or their contents in mods.

    I've actually gotten tons of requests for this kind of integration now and I am considering adding my current stance to the suggestion disclaimers.

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  12. Kahn

    Kahn Skeletron Prime

    Is the Martian Madness alt the triangle?
  13. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    You'll just have to wait and see :)
  14. Kahn

    Kahn Skeletron Prime

    By the way, what is the thing on the Tropics Picture?
  15. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    You'll see soon enough!

    Very excited about the tropics. You guys are going to love it.
  16. Kahn

    Kahn Skeletron Prime

    Could you at least give us a date of when you last updated The Tropics?
  17. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Today -- I updated the % and made a note in my profile.

    Tropics is up to 50%.
  18. Kahn

    Kahn Skeletron Prime

    That's not what I meant, but I'm just done now.
  19. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Could you elaborate? I'm not sure what you mean. I've been working on The Tropics. As a jungle alt, it is fairly large and won't be done relatively soon. It's roughly 3x the size of The Infestation.
  20. SlimeSquared

    SlimeSquared Spazmatism

    Do you think these suggestions will eventually become mods, or always be suggestions?