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Joke Player suggestion Thread


Superior Suplexor
does damage
On hit, makes you immune to the next hit you take.
Has negative knockback, letting you throw enemies behind you, like the slap hand but backwards.


Hey you!

Yes you!

Are you tired of your Engineer being lazy and unable to do his duty? Don't fear my baby biscuit, because I have a solution for you.

The Tiny Desk Engineer!
That's right. The Tiny Desk Engineer!

The Tiny Desk Engineer is a revolution in engineering and the perfect companion for all situations! The tiny desk engineer can be everywhere, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, or on your desk! He is very useless and very expensive! But worth the money no matter what you do! Get your own Tiny Desk Engineer for only 79 platinum! He is better than a real engineer!

With the Tiny Desk Engineer collectior edition, you earn a Tiny Desk Dispenser...... for FREE!

warning: ηε δοεσν∍τ αχτυαλλψ δο ανψτηινγ λολ ωηψ δο ψου εϖεν τρανσλατε τηισ


how about the terrapowerd ninja gear :golem:
crafted with the ninja gear, 12 broken heor swords, the terrablade and a katana. alows insane jumphight, super fast climbing and falling, no fall damage and adds a +200 dps too all melee weapons. if used WITH the terrablade it adds +400 dps to it and if used with the katana agains a nymph it kills everything in the world except freindly npc's and you


I'd love some references from the Legion (TV series, FX) show, such as the appearance of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, or spells that would allude to David's powers, or those of his other personalities such as in the comic books.


If the player tries to cancel negative status effects using right click it would make your laptop explode deleting your steam account and charging your credit card for cheating and violently shake any table & chair you own multiply the effect.


/Pol/ added. Now every time you don't try to kill the Travelling Merchant, it will spawn a bunch of killer turkeys with Trump's head.


I just want an item that looks extremely cool and sounds like the best weapon in-game when really it only does like 1 damage.
You can now play terraria in terraria
but if theres terraria in terraria, that means theres terraria in terraria in terraria terraria
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