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Mobile Mobile Terraria Easter Content & Bugfixes Galore!

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A question I have, with this 'slightly faster' spawnrate will we have a better chance of either Paladin's or Corruptions spawning in?

Edit: Haven't we mobile Terrarians had coloured wrenches for a while now? I've had them for a while now, or have you just added them to the ios version now?

TheDimi44 [UA]

New update (review):
• Crash occurs after twenty minutes .. as before, but was less than before..
• Corruptors that a candle that without water he could not find ..
• Just still on mannequins pants do not light up , I hope at least stop things disappear .
• Just texture when you go down in the dark or in fast motion peel apart here is a screenshot:

3+ months..................................................................OMG..
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Skeletron Prime
your game was playable after the update ?

for me after i open the game the chakran is spinning for 30 second , but now its work


Can anyone else craft anything anywhere now after the update? Don't have to be near the crafting station anymore.

Also, the stock keyboard is still broken.
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