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Mobile Mobile Terraria Easter Content & Bugfixes Galore!

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Finally! all these bugs have been driving me CRAZY on mobile! It took me FOREVER to get the Truffle


Based on what I have seen on this thread I should be grateful for the slow updates on Amazon. Before I download it I will create a backup of my current version of terraria.

Before some of you get on my case about that I will tell you one thing, it still checks for a valid license for the app so this in no way is piracy. You still have to own the app on Amazon.
Same here - I won't be updating until my Mac is repaired and able to have fresh saves of my world saved onto it.

Android Fan

Strange my 512 MB RAM android with kitkat got no problem running the latest update or older versions from even 1.0 lol

But new bug after doing a fresh install of the last update everything was ok up to the point where i have to name my new char the keyboard would not show up so i cant play lol this didnt happen on previous Google or Amazon versions...
Its on stock keyboard i got a custom keyboard app from google play it worked but i rather not have any unneeded extra apps on my phone so pls fix stock keyboard
LG l40 D160 Phone


Exactly what bugs weren't fixed and what store did you get your update from?
my game still crashes after a while, still get the suspension crash (when you turn off the screen or switch apps for 5 seconds), corruptors and floaty gross are non existant.
using Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 runing android 4.2.2
google play (clearly)
all the update did for me was take up 83 more precious megabytes and add 2 bugs.
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TheDimi44 [UA]

I can craft without workbrench!? Just try it! (and icon size is veeeeery good)


(Terraria with russian translate on screen, not be afraid)
Let's start the season Reviews bugs this gorgeous version , because we have been waiting for it.....:rolleyes:


Great update but im encountering a glitch that allows me to craft anything from any distance away. Plus.. bunnies = hilarious
So I hope everyone will find padalins,clowns,corrupters,floating grosses in Terraria ios on the spring update and yeah I bossed at spelling :)
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Confirmed not in Apple's App Store yet. I'd like to try it on an iPad Air.

Work's done for the day so I'm going to try again on my phone. Keyboard batteries are charged. Here goes nothing!


Righty, I think I've sussed it. Some of you probably have done already but I'll put my thoughts here anyway.

What's crashing Terraria on my phone is some part of the download process. What it's downloading I don't know, but whenever I see the "Fetching download URL" message a crash ensues. When I see "No download required" the splash screens appear one after another (I was only seeing the 505 one before) followed by a normal game start-up. The latest incarnation of my mobile character Holly has been able to build a dinky wooden box house, wander around mining, slay a few slimes for gel, and so forth.

And yes, it is possible to craft items without the appropriate crafting station. I just made a Wooden Hammer (I know, I know; but it's all I can afford to make now) while my workbench was completely off-screen.

@mario166488 , what's planned for 1.3 is to be able to craft using materials not in your inventory but in (unlocked) chests nearby. My understanding is that crafting stations will still be required.
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