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Night's Minecart

I'm glad I have one now! :p

Well to be honest I think that there are way too many minecarts.
Not many players seem to use minecarts at all and now you want a thousand minecarts to be added.

The might look cool and I love the sprites but most seem useless and redundant.
However I support the Block Interaction Minecarts and the Underrail Minecart! These seem to be really cool!
A little overwhelmed but I really like the under rail minecart, or gondola. It feels brand-new. I'd like to see more things like that: vehicles with slightly different way to use rails.
"Shopping minecart..."
Suggestion: A train minecart (?) which could have the ability to carry other players as well.
What are the units? Like for speed blocks/second or for acceleration blocks/second/second?
There is no unit. 1 is equivalent to the current minecart (which moves at around 54blocks/s according to my tests, no idea about acceleration).

Harpy minecart that can glide for 4 seconds?
I'm not really working on this anymore. But I'll add it to the list. I think that gliding is ok, but flight no.
No problem. When we have some kind of modding tools, I'll be sure to mod them in. I already revamped some of the minecarts and made the items and buffs. Here are 2:

Originals for comparison:

There isn't a big change in the Futurist Minecart.
I like your modifications a lot more, and a mod for these would be awesome!
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