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    This is a set of mods I plan to make to address the problem of minimal PvP mod options. This is best summarized by the mods it will be comprised of (Note: This is NOT a mod pack; these can adjusted freely):
    • Game Sessions (WIP) - Implements a way to define discrete gameplay sessions; periods of player activity terminating with the completion of a goal, or else a fail condition (configurable). Goals include:
      • Activating a given wire object
      • n PvP kills
      • n kills of a specific enemy type
      • Completing an event
      • Reaching a given money quota
      • Reaching a given Rewards PP quota.
      • Running out of time (via. Time Limits)
      Fail conditions include:
      • n deaths of a given player
      • n survivors on a team
      • Another team meeting their goal
      • Running out of time (via. Time Limits)
    • Player Statistics - Logs and displays player statistics for all to see. Deaths, kills, PvP deaths, PvP kills, and (hopefully) even things like network latency and relative progression in the game. Configurable.
    • Player Spawner (WIP) - Implements options for controlling player spawns. Unlike a bed, these points can be adjusted (delay, position, "lives", etc.) with commands, API calls, or bound to a movable (and/or destroyable) game world object. Might implement Lives mod compatibility.
    Optional additional mods:
    • Server Browser - Will be revived for use with game modes.
    • PvP Party (WIP) - Provides a server-side UI (and console commands and API) to allow selecting settings presets of the above mods to play any of an assortment of PvP game modes.
      Yes, this includes a Battle Royale mode.
    • Starvation - Players now require food. Allows for some fun possible game mode options.
    • World Boundaries (WIP) - Guess. Configurable.
    • Reset Mode - Implements world resets. Server-side (console) automations may be needed to generate new worlds for each session. This mod will be modified for compatibility with Game Sessions.
    • Nihilism - Allows blocking items, recipes, NPCs, and loot tables.
    • HERO's Mod - Currently still the defacto server admin mod.
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    Looking forward to seeing how these turn out! Good luck!
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    Good luck. You know my thoughts on the matter, but I'm always in favor of more PvP support! I look forward to it
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