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This mod will add new tools, weapons, and armor. This project was just started so it might be very buggy. Here are the tools, weapons, and armor that will be added.

Leaf Bolt- Crafted with one dirt at a workbench for testing purposes. Link to stats here: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/purity-forest-biome-chest.3168/
Railgun- Crafted with one wood at a workbench for testing.

Pure Wisp Sword-
Pure Wisp Glaive-
Pure Wisp Bar-

My idea is that the Pure Wisp Bar is made from 1 ectoplasm and 1 Chlorophyte bar. That recipe gives 1 Pure Wisp Bar.

12 Pure Wisp bars make 1 Pure Wisp Sword (Broadsword type weapon. Does 80 damage. Use time is 16. Knockback is 4.)

12 Pure Wisp bars make Pure Wisp Glaive (Spear type weapon. Does 73 damage. Use time is 22. Knockback is 7. Shoots this projectile
that is unnaffected by gravity, does 73 damage, travels 30 blocks, and has a velocity of 5.)

More Melee weapons will be posted here later.
Pure Wisp Pickaxe-
210% Pickaxe Power, Use Time is 11, +3 range, Knockback is 4.5, Tooltip: Extremely Fast, +3 range, Able to mine Lizhard Bricks. Crafting: 30 Pure Wisp Bars + 1 Picksaw + 1 Spectre Pickaxe + 1 Shroomite Digging Claw + 120 Spooky Wood
^for testing can you make the recipe for this 1 dirt at a workbench in the first patch it is included in?

Pure Wisp Greataxe-
%175 axe power, Use Time is 20, +3 range, Knockback is 8, damage is 75. Made with 30 Pure Wisp bars.

Pure Wisp Warhammer-
125% Hammer Power (if not possible than 100% hammer power), Use time is 20, +3 range, Knockback is 8, damage is 73. Tooltip: Able to mine Lizhard Brick walls in the Lizhard Temple (if 125% hammer power is allowed), +3 range. Made with 30 Pure Wisp bars.

More tools may be posted here later.
Will be put here later

you must use both of these:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/ofpg75chazh6xhg/My implications to Pure Wisps mod.tapi https://www.mediafire.com/?98otmfcez94d5s5

0.0.0- Added Leaf Bolt and Railgun

Feedback is appreciated. Please post any bugs or crashes you find on this thread.
Mod Devs- @Ice , @TeshloGaming
Sprites- @fireimp956 , @Ice
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