IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

“If the mineshaft entrance collapsed, wouldn’t there be people who work for Swaasnia down here? If we’re lucky they might clear it themselves and then we could try to escape that way. It’s a risk, but...”
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“Well, at least the kind I research is almost like a vessel for magic. It’s almost like an incorporeal version of a mana sac, but also houses the personality of the owner and appears different depending on their personality. Some have different abilities, and unlike a mana sac it doesn’t actually need to charge energy. Souls seem to be self-sustaining, and some can even resist death. I’ve only found a few examples of those, though.”
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“Well, let’s do this then“
*Vortex gets up, flies up to the ceiling, places a piece of C4 on it, and detonates it. He then lands, somewhat messily on the ground*
”Well… th-th-there we g-g-go“
*His voice is raspy and his breathing is stunted *


Eater of Worlds
Well, the ceiling collapses, and if people don't start running they'll probably get buried under it.
Lukas opens a portal and starts helping people through it.
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