IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

(Do you mean in that basically the store itself could be called or the physical presence of a phone in there?)
<<Now, Rune, I am not certain whether we have actually met in person, however it appears we may currently share a problem. Our satellites have recently spotted a convoy of unidentified vehicles approaching the city your store is in, and from experience I know that is likely not a good sign. I recommend taking a look for me and, if you do find that they are causing trouble, I will deal with it. Though I have done far too much damage to Salreuna as it is, and have cut it loose, I do not wish for it to be controlled by any parties with opposing interests, and I am willing to help protect it's neutrality. I see it as there being three options, you see. Salreuna will be ours, neutral, or not exist at all. And so if it is neither ours or neutral, well, we may need to take more direct measures, which I'm sure you have already seen that we don't have much concern for the citizens living there.>>
<<So what you're really saying is you think that convoy could be a threat to you, and to us as well. Either way I do suppose it would be worth a check.>>
Just doing...following...
Vinessa looks around for any sign of Carl or the flame falcon, finding nothing.
"You don't see anything, do you Burst?"

Carl, elsewhere, lands at the edge of Salreuna on his falcon, dismounting it and dispelling it again, before looking at the oncoming convoy.
<I wonder if Vex is going to reprimand me for failing to mention me going ahead to check the city out myself...>
(*sadness in solo with Berry's thing it seems*)

Dark, after getting quite a few of the apples, starts tying up his scarf into a sort of bag, for use in one of those bags-on-a-stick.

So Rune would head outside to check on the convoy.
Depending on how far the potion shop is from near the edge of Salreuna in question, they might or might not see the convoy stopping and parking just outside its border, near where the red armoured man stands.

The butterfly person dismounts the lead truck through a door on its side that opens into a staircase to the ground, before striding towards the armoured man.
"Yes, Vex?"
Vex stops, and telekinetically pulls Carl a few inches towards her.
"Don't ever leave our base of operations without telling any of the higher officers. Or me, that works too."
"...okay, okay. Sorry."
Vex then lets Carl go, before looking up at Salreuna's buildings to take it in herself.

Carl, meanwhile, looks over at the trucks, whose backs fold down to make larger ramps, from which several shifters of all sorts of shapes and sizes, such as anthropomorphic birds and insects, and dogs, dismount.

(Bonne nuit)
And some distance from the edge of the city where the convoy stopped, but still with a clear line of sight to the convoy, a small car would pull up and stop, before one person gets out of the driver's side door and heads inside of a building.
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