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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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  • NO!!!!!!!!!!

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  • What is a chicken nugget wand?

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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
*Comes in the room.*
"Oh, well. I guess there is still more people who have come after or before. Hello, I guess. I am known as Teridax around here. What is your name?"


Eye of Cthulhu
“Compared to our intellect, you are but a lobotomite. But we can fix that. And we will. Please wait here until Entech employees are able to transport you to the nearest Entech facility for hackmenti upgrading”

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
"Well... the name is Diamond. A cyan fox with a certain... ability."
"I see. Well, I as well have my own abilities. Usually involving shadow."
(Omits ad, leaving that ability a secret, if any of you remember what I'm talking about. Chances are for those who has been here for a while, even from the beginning of roleplay, you don't.)


The Destroyer
"They mustn't know who I really am. It would kill them, no, it would kill us all. It could wipe out the universe."


"What do you mean 'it could kill us all'?"
*I seem to have some coffee and am on my way back from getting it*

((Sorry for not posting; I forgot my phone.))

Foraging Slime

*Another mans walks up with some sort of devices..
"Hes speaking Japanese! Well here you go" *he leaves*
Guard: What is it you were saying?
(because every time i do it people freak the :red: out like i just completely overhauled every aspect of a character i will give you a scenario)
(in this scenario the device to your character makes it sound like im speaking Japanese and to me, your speaking english.. like star trek. DO you agree?)
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