tModLoader Someone should make a dual wielding mod.

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  1. I remember once downloading one from terraria online, a long while ago. The mod literally just let you use two weapons at once, regardless of what the weapons were. It worked by having whatever was in slot 0 be used by pressing right-click, and left click for whatever else you would normally use in the hotbar.

    I know its an overpowered concept, but its a ton of fun to have two people with dual minisharks! Would someone be able to make this?
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    Could you link us to the mod you mentioned you downloaded from Terraria online?

    Anyway, I have an idea for how this could be made, so I'm going to give it a go. Not promising anything, though (I'm a bit too busy for that, hope you understand ;) ).
  3. Here is the original post.
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