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Mobile State of Mobile Address


505 Games
Hello Mobile Terrarians! We are still working diligently to bring mobile up to date with 1.2.4. The content is in and our team (along with Re-Logic) is focused on finding and exterminating bugs. We prefer to delay the update's release while we clean it up vs. a hasty release that is filled with glitches and known issues. You deserve an abundant update, both functional and enjoyable, and we plan to deliver! Long story short, the release will be delayed while we chip away at an extensive bug list. We plan to have the update in your hands in a few weeks, in the meantime, please enjoy a Fishron preview!

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M the Mister

Wow didn't expect it, he looks smaller I guess, awsome thanks for the update, I'm really exited and can't wait to get my hands on all that juicy stuff

Terra Magicio

Duke Fishron
Been waiting a long time for this! It is getting really close! It is so close that I am just exploding here due to hype overload in my chair. Excited to see the goodies in store. Keep up the good work 505 games-mobile and Code Glue! This version has grown so far since its release in 2013! Now, I will leave with a fan art of Duke Fishron in excitement. But, he just happens to be Derpy today.
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Yes!!!! Some news, Its great to hear a delay for more bug fixing (I preffer to wait since if they release it now the bugs will drive me crazy till next update) Either way that awesome that it will be on our hands in a few weeks. On that note I have to say theres one bug thats still in the game......Spiders Lawl


Skeletron Prime
I own the game on mobile but my phone lacks the necessary power to play it. so ugh to my phone...also the PS Vita version is considered the same as console edition.
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