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tModLoader Summoners Association

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by jopojelly, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Summoners Association

    Latest Download:
    Mod Browser (in-game) - Direct link - Alt download link
    Open source on GitHub
    Discord: [​IMG]


    This mod aims to fix a few grievances with summons and flesh out Summoner to be a fully developed class. This vision of Summoner is a summoner who has his hands full buffing and controlling his minions and has little time for weapons himself.

    Open Source: I am open to any coding help, the code is open source on GitHub. All the sprites are available there so have at it.

    MinionHistoryBookSimple.png MinionHistoryBook.png MinionHistoryBookAuto.png Minion History Books
    Minion Selection Book: 1 Book, 1 Black Ink, 6 Fallen Starts, at a Table and Chair
    Minion History Book: 1 Minion Selection Book, 10 Pixie Dust, 5 Moonglow, 3 Variegated Lardfish, at a Crystal Ball
    Automatic Minion History Book: 1 Minion History Book, 2 Lihzahrd Power Cell, at a Lihzahrd Altar

    These Minion History Books allow you to summon sets of minions, aka loadouts. For example, if you like 3 Spiders, 2 Baby Slimes, and 1 Pirate minion, you can summon that in 1 click. The items will remember your preferred loadout. The loadout functionality is not found in the basic Minion Selection Book, but that item can help you spawn any minion from your inventory, so you can keep a single summon item in your hotbar.

    To use these items, right click to open the UI, then select the minions you wish to summon. Right click in the middle to save your selection. You can now use left click to summon your loadout with a single click!

    Big thanks to @direwolf420 for his huge help in implementing this feature. Also thanks to moonburn for the item sprites.

    SummonersAssociationCard.png Summoners Association Card
    Recipe: 10 Gel and 2 Wood at a Table and Chair

    This card identifies you as an associate of the Summoners Association, as an associate, you enjoy the privilege of specific minion counts and max minion counts in the UI. Seen in action below.


    MinionControlRod.png Minion Control Rod
    Recipe: Any Magic Mirror (Ice or normal) and any Minion Staff at a Table and Chair

    This magical mind control device allows you to exercise even greater control over your mindless minions. Simple point and click and your minions will obediently teleport to their destination.

    BloodTalisman.png Blood Talisman
    Recipe: Philosophers Stone and Cross Necklace at a Table and Chair

    This powerful artifact allows the user to sacrifice mobility, health, and general well-being to greatly power-up their minions. The Blood Talisman extracts the life essence out of the users body and directs it at minions at a target. The targeted minions enjoy extreme strength the longer you can withstand the wretched mind-consuming powers of the Blood Talisman. (Suggestions for fair effects for this would be nice.)

    Download or download directly from Mod Browser in-game.

    Future Features:
    I'd like this mod to eventually allow you to customize even more pure minion play. For example, I'd like to develop a system where different "gems" are placed in several "slots" in the Blood Talisman (or whatever it ends up being called). Each Gem will provide a buff to the minions and an appropriate debuff to the player. One gem, for example, could increase the area of effect of the buffs, allowing easier minion buffing, while simultaneously cutting the player's speed in half. Another "gem" could increase the buff ramp up time, while simultaneously preventing mount usage. Stuff like that. Trading the character's abilities to augment the minion abilities. Or not, who knows, heh.

    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  2. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    So with this so can more easily see how many of which minions you have summoned and your max minion count? That's pretty awesome!
    Onixmen and Ashen75 like this.
  3. Skyward

    Skyward Terrarian

    Ahhh... it's the simple things in life which make my life a lot easier for the meantime and not knowing how many minions i have summoned due to damn UFO's flying off screen to kill harpies
    Katfish8880 and superhc like this.
  4. turnipofpower

    turnipofpower Cultist

  5. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    No new content, but updated to work with tModLoader v0.5.

    Manual Targeting sounds great, I'll work on that if it is at all possible.
  6. PulseFox

    PulseFox Spazmatism

    Im using it for tmodloader v0.6., there are 2 issues ive found so far. 1: All the weapons you had in that screenshot can be crafted with 1 piece of wood (stardust armor included). 2: The summoners association card displays its info when its on screen, so it works even when you simply look up the recipe for it with the guide.
  7. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    k, fixed those.

    Also, big update!!
    v0.2 released!
    2 new items:
    • Blood Talisman
    • Minion Control Rod
    See first post for more info!
  8. TheBilateralGamer

    TheBilateralGamer Spazmatism

    WOW. This mod is so freaking cool! Keep it up!
  9. turnipofpower

    turnipofpower Cultist

    Honestly im really impressed with the new update.I feel like this mod is essential for a summoner playthrough
    Jofairden likes this.
  10. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    I love the new update too :p
    Are you planning on just adding utilities for summoners, or will you add summoner weapons.
    I have an idea for a kind of upgraded and but not really Control Rod. Instead of teleporting the minions, they would fly toward the cursor. I'm not sure if this actually possible to add though.
  11. Eldrazi

    Eldrazi Eater of Worlds

    That could be possible, but it will probably require you to override the initial AI of ALL summonable minions which is next to impossible, because there will also be mods implementing their own minions and those minions are not quaranteed to implement the same pattern that is needed to make them follow the cursor.
  12. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    That recipe is a bit lame in my opinion... Maybe the Merchant could sell it if you have a summon weapon in your inventory? Or if the Witch Doctor is in town?
  13. Endershot355

    Endershot355 Steampunker

    is this even a Tmodloader mod?

    or is everyone else not as good?
  14. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    This is a tmodloader mod.
  15. Endershot355

    Endershot355 Steampunker

    just a joke
  16. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    The size of file is 24 kb? Dont load the mod on Tmodloader 0.7 uh..
    Could you help ?
  17. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Sorry, I forgot to update the download on this thread. It should work now.
  18. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    THank You.. o/
  19. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Summoners Association Card does not work when Autopause is enabled.

    -Minions that provide passive effects to player or other minions. EX:
    1) time limit summon that protects the player or reduces damage taken by creating a barrier around the player. Combination of time limit and cool down to prevent OP-ness?
    2) Summons that strenghten or provide additional effects to other minions attacks (Ichor, Cursed Fire)
    3) Related minions that power each other up in each others presence.
    4) Command wands other than teleportation such as: Stand Still, Keep Close and Slaughter.
  20. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    This mod add more minions too ? I mean,the amount of them.