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  1. Flippi

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    Development Roadmap to Multiplayer #2

    Welcome to the second Development Roadmap to Multiplayer! This thread will be use keep our fans and players up-to-date on what we are working on and how much work still needs to be done until we reach our first open beta test of multiplayer!

    Summary of previous Roadmap
    Our previous roadmap took us on quite an adventure of refactoring our core logic that makes STW run as well as porting to 1.3.5+. After the refactor we implemented the first quest that players will find, Tutorial Trouble. We had two closed multiplayer tests with our Patrons, one in October and one in December that helped ensure the quality of our work. If you'd like to read more about the first roadmap click here.

    The goal of this Roadmap is to continue to port over STW content to our new refactored logic, evaluate any Combat Skill mechanics that need updated, and implement our fancy server transfer logic! At the end of this Roadmap players will be able to start in the Tutorial Region, travel to Sivania, and The Great Forest, and play six quests!

    Estimated Completion: Q1 2018

    Break It Down:
    1. Address outstanding bugs from first Roadmap
    2. Implement Lobby System
    3. Dynamically connect players to correct server based on previous game session
    4. Implement Server Transfer system
    5. Update Chemistry UI
    6. Implement assets for Mushroom Picking
    7. Implement assets for Miki's Delivery Service
    8. Implement assets for Minecart Madness
    9. Implement assets for A Dryad's Distress
    10. Implement assets for Temple of Ra
    11. Implement new assets in Sivania due to huge overhaul of the Region
    12. Implement Mushroom Picking to new Quest standard
    13. Implement Miki's Delivery Service to new Quest standard
    14. Implement Minecart Madness to new Quest standard
    15. Implement A Dryad's Distress to new Quest standard
    16. Implement Temple of Ra to new Quest standard
    17. Patreon multiplayer Test of Tutorial Island, Sivania, and The Great Forest
    18. 100 player closed multiplayer test of Tutorial Island, Sivania, and The Great Forest
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  2. reprice

    reprice Terrarian

    So I installed the mod, and made sure it was installing to the correct path, it told me to just launch terraria normally through steam and it would launch STW, but I got an error upon launch,

    "System.EntryPointNotFoundException : unable to find entry point named 'initSafe' in dll 'CSteamworks'
    at Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamAPI_initSafe0
    at Steamworks.SteamAPI.init0
    at Terraria.Social.Steam.CoreSocialModule.initialize0
    at Terraria.Social.SocialAPI.initialize(Nullable '1 mode)
    at Terraria.Program.LaunchGame(string[] args) "

    thats the entire error at launch, I don't know whats happening, also on a side note, me and 2 other friends were planning on doing it multiplayer, is there multiplayer in this mod, even if there isn't atm, what really would help a lot is a fix for this error a lot more than multiplayer. Thanks in advance for the help.
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  3. Khaios

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    The single player version of our mod (the only one available for download at the moment) is not updated to Terraria 1.3.5, which is why you're seeing this error. We are currently focusing on developing our multiplayer support for the mod (as the mod is intended to be a morpg), so we are no longer updating the single player alpha version. There is a work around to get the mod running, however! If you join us on our Discord server, then proceed to the #support channel, and click on the pinned messages, you'll see step-by-step instructions to get STW running. It's a bit of a pain the neck, admittedly, but it is only a bandaid fix until we get our multiplayer build (which does run on the current version of Terraria) live to the public.

    We don't have an estimated date for multiplayer release, but you can check out our progress towards it here. If you have any questions, feel free to reply here, our TCF Social page, or live on our Discord server (Discord is the fastest and most reliable means of contacting the STW dev team).
  4. PhreakTheMighty

    PhreakTheMighty Terrarian

    How did you manage this? Is there any way that this kind of feature could see it's own mod that people could download and use for themselves?
  5. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    Currently we haven't gotten into the details of how we implemented this feature, and as of right now we don't have plans to. We're really focused on just development of multiplayer - coming along swell.

    It's possible as STW reaches a more mature state we'll come out with some details (perhaps even a simple mod) that does this one specific feature of STW since many people are interested in this. It's something that the team will discuss in the future. :)
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  6. PhreakTheMighty

    PhreakTheMighty Terrarian

    Fair enough. It sure does make STW world stick out in that regard. Keep up the good work, you guys are making something really special.
  7. Gamema5ter2001

    Gamema5ter2001 Terrarian

    so what's LiteNetLib.dlll cuz the STW installer can't install that
  8. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    Were you following the installation instructions found on our discord page? The standard installation steps are not working at the moment, because our single player client is not updated to Terraria 1.3.5.
  9. Flippi

    Flippi Skeletron

    This is a known issue, you can ignore it. LiteNetLib.dll is used for multiplayer only which the current public version of STW does not support.
  10. NC

    NC Terrarian

    I've downgraded to, and moved the STW files from the current version to the version. Now, when ever I try to run it, steam opens 1.5.3, and I can open the by double clicking, and I've tried opening STW with terraria, but it never shows up at STW.
  11. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    My recommendation?

    It hasn't been updated in awhile, but it doesn't have to be, is to search for GameLauncher.

    GameLauncher will allow you to run a custom GUI that lets you choose between different installations of Terraria, putting each in their own folders. With it, you can run Vanilla, TModLoader, and any number of standalones. When you launch Terraria from Steam, you will get GameLauncher instead of Terraria, and then you launch whichever version of Terraria you want, and it is fully compatible with multiplayer and the like, AND it doesn't mess with your save files (it keeps save files separate, like Vanilla gets its own savefile list, TModLader gets its own, etc).

    Just a small caveat, GameLauncher has buttons and such for using past versions of Terraria, but this feature no longer works IIRC. Just ignore that.

    Personally I would back up everything (in Terraria's folder), have Steam restore Terraria to defaults, and then install GameLauncher, and then TModLoader. If you want a walkthrough on how to do this, I can type one up real quick.
  12. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    tmodloader isn't needed for STW so that won't really help.

    It seems you're having some issues with the installation process - if you want to hop onto our discord: we can walk you through the steps to get it set up.
  13. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    @darthmorf Yeah I just realized that this is STW and not Terraria Leveled RPG lol. I have both watched and occasionally pop in to offer help/advice.

    But still, I find that GameLauncher is still quite nice as it still works on StandAlones (like this one).

    Kinda wish someone would either update GL or re-make it.
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  14. NC

    NC Terrarian

    Would GL still work for STW?

    Also how would I restore to default terraria using steam?
  15. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Yes, GL will work with STW. I've personally done this.

    As for restoring defaults, go to Steam -> Library -> Right Click on Terraria -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files

    This will force Steam to check all the files and re-download any changed files so that they are their default configuration. Extra files that are/were present will not be changed.
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  16. NC

    NC Terrarian

    I just reinstalled. Also, how can I install GL?
  17. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    1). Go here:
    2). Download and install it.
    3). GameLauncher will rename the original Terraria as something like TerrariaBackup.exe or something like that.
    4). Go here:
    5). Scroll down to the instructions ("How To Install STW" button)
    6). Follow Steps 1-3.
    7). Step 4 says to rename Terraria.exe .... don't do this. Leave that file as-is (it's the Game Launcher prog).
    8). When you copy STW's version of Terraria.exe, the computer will ask if you wish to overwrite. Say No, and you will get a file called "Terraria (1).exe".
    9). Rename this to something like Terraria_STW.exe
    10). Follow the rest of STW's instructions.
    11). Open GameLauncher (or just launch Terraria from Steam which should open GL).
    12). Click the "Add App" button.
    13). Point it to Terraria_STW.exe.
    14). Call it "Terraria STW" or something like that.

    Now, it should already have Vanilla Terraria in its list, and now it will have Terraria STW. You can also download tModLoader (not required or needed for STW, mind you) if you wished for Modded Terraria (just remember tModloader's installer will rename GameLauncher's Terraria.exe, you'll have to manually fix it), you'd simply add that to the list as well, and you can also do this for NTerraria and other similar standalones.

    Either way, you can launch whichever one you want, anytime you want, without having to revert or move files around.

    EDIT: a Caveat: When Terraria 1.3.6 or whatever the next update is comes out, Steam will automatically overwrite GameLauncher's .exe. You might want to make a backup copy of this .exe and put it somewhere else.

    When that happens, you would...

    1). Rename Terraria.exe to Terraria_Vanilla.exe (or something like this)
    2). Copy and Paste your backup Game Launcher Terraria.exe back into its proper place.
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  18. NC

    NC Terrarian

    It said to select terraria assembly. What ever I do it denies it.
  19. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    What did, GameLauncher? Lemme install it... I need to do that anyways.

    I did it just now....

    1). Click Browse
    2). Go to Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\terraria\
    3). Click on Terraria.exe.
    4). Wait a few seconds.
    5). Say Yes to copying the database.
  20. NC

    NC Terrarian

    This is what it said:
    Select Terraria Assembly
    Select a valid Terraria Assembly (.exe)

    Location of Terrraria Assebly (i.e. Terraria.exe or TerrariaOriginalBackup.exe)
    [ ] Browse...