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  1. Flippi

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    Since we have broken 10,000 views of the thread, I think it's time for an announcement!

    We've decided we are going to aim for the single player beta release to be March 13th!

    Keep an eye on the thread for more information, there is always a chance that we could be delayed if we don't feel we are meeting some of our internal goals.
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    Nice, I'm looking forward for it. It is nearly as exciting as Terraria 1.3 and Terraria: Otherworld.
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  3. darthmorf

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    Great! Is that when you'll pick testers too? Or is it open for everyone.
  4. Everybody

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    It's open to Everybody, I hope.
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  5. Flippi

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    Everyone will be able to play the SP Beta. :)

    You are right! And it's funny because your name is Everybody :p
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  6. Everybody

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    DGGI (Dis Guy Gets it)
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  7. malakhglitch

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    So much WANT!
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  8. Flippi

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    What happens if you add a new friendly NPC called The Viking to the Ocean Biome? Well I'd say you'd get the Frozen Ocean Biome:


    I guess the next question is, what does he do?

    As always, a big thanks to @Jestex for the our new friendly NPC sprite and Frozen Ocean Biome Background and to @oSIVo for awesome builds on our STW maps!
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  9. malakhglitch

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    Ooooh! Frozen Ocean biome eh? Does that mean there are multiple oceans in the world?
  10. Flippi

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    Not quite. If you recall this mod links maps together to create an "infinite" world. The only limit to this infinite world is how many maps we currently have made.

    So for example this frozen ocean biome links to another map's ocean biome. How you connect to it is via the boat of course! :)
  11. Airborn

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    I am looking forward for the single player beta.
    How big is the world going to be in it?
  12. [cn]Cold White

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    I want Chinese_:)_」∠)_
    More language_:)_」∠)_
    I hope I can translate this mod
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    try using the [ noemote] tag. (remove the space)
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    Forgive I cannot read
    Well, I leave here (we should sleep)
  15. Flippi

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    August 9th 2015
    It's been a little bit of time since we've made an announcement, and this is because it's been a busy summer for the whole team, and of course Terraria 1.3 had to be played on expert mode. :)

    With this said we currently are on a slight dev pause (@Jestex is still pushing out sprites though, so give him an applaud) while we figure out the best way to import our STW changes into the new updates of Terraria - every time Terraria updates we need to decompile it and add our code back to it.

    With that said if you wish to play STW 1.5 you will need Terraria, and thus I have all of that packaged up for you:
    To install navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ rename your Terraria folder to TerrariaVanilla and then unzip the .rar from the link to this location and now you will have a new folder named Terraria that is Terraria with the STW mod. Please note that if Re-Logic pushes an official update through Steam it will replace your Terraria and STW and you will need to repeat this process.

    We hope to have some new content coming up for you all shortly, so stay patient and keep up the feedback! :)

    June 26th 2015

    It's been over a month since the last release and that's because we've been quite busy on making one last GREAT update to hold you all over until Terraria 1.3 comes out. There's a new quest in the release called Minecart Madness, new ore regeneration mechanics - if you haven't seen the spoiler video you can by clicking here, and we've done A LOT of remapping of Sivania to help all players navigate above and below ground without getting stuck - this will make getting mining and combat levels much more pleasant.

    Oh and to start the new quest just head on over to the mining village of Sivania and find the Demolitionist. He has had a bit a trouble with the newly implemented Minecart Junction. I'm sure a reward will help keep you on track!

    You can view the complete changelog below:

    ********************** Version 1.5a **********************
        * ~NEW~  Minecart Madness Quest has been added!
                 Head on over to the Mining Village of Sivania
                 and find the Demolitionist to start the
                 quest - he's had some trouble with the newly
                 implemented Mining Junction of Sivania.
        * ~!!!~  Sivania has had a big update to not only help
                 players navigate, but also to add more
                 atmosphere to the game - Some areas still
                 under construction and this is pointed out
                 now. Some new features include:
                 - New directional (Right and Left) signs
                   help indicate where things are.
                 - New mine shafts have been added in the
                   Eastern parts of Sivania; an Upper and
                   Lower section.
                 - Clear path the Bait Shop has been added.
                 - Areas that are underconstruction are
                   clearly marked by signs now to give you
                   a warning.
                 - Ore deposits are located within and
                   nearby the mining shafts.
        * ~NEW~  With the huge update to Sivania we have
                 introduced a new ore regeneration mechanic:
                 - Ore is statically located in the Upper and
                   Lower Eastern Mines of Sivania.
                 - When ore is mined it will turn a darker
                   color and cannot be mined for a fixed amount
                   of time.
                 - When the ore respawns it has a chance of
                   spawning a different type of ore.
                 - After ore has been mined, even if the ore
                   is still there, it has a chance of
                   changing its type.
                 - Copper-Platinum ore will now spawn in said
                   ares. NOTE: Higher tiered ore will not
                               spawn abovea certain depth.
        * New Meteor set effects have been added (these are
              Melee:  Meteor falls on player upon taking
                      damage, deals damage to enemy.
              Magic:  Chance to also cast a meteor projectile
                      on spell cast.
              Ranged: Upgrades all ranged weapons to pierce
                      enemies better (one additional pierce).
        * When a tree is completely chopped a sapling will be
          automatically planted in its place.
        * Trees no longer drop Acorns.
        * Copper-Crimtane bullets have been added - the rest
          will be coming soon.
        * The Guide correctly says the cave for Mushroom
          Picking Quest is to the West (he wrongly said to the
        * Updated the altar sprite in the Pryamid for the
          Temple of Ra Quest.
        * Updated the lectern sprite in Ra's Temple.
        * Obsidian Breastplate has been added.
        * Players no longer require a helmet to give a
          default light radius.

    May 22nd 2015:

    With the release this week we've included a bunch of bug fixes as well as the Temple of Ra Quest! Make your way to the Desert Outpost of Sivania and try your best to Survive the Desert Pyramid's traps if you dare. A high reward is waiting for those who survive.

    Several new tiles, items, and game mechanics have been implemented for this quest. We really hope you enjoy it!

    ********************** Version 1.4a **********************
        * ~NEW~ Temple of Ra Quest has been added!
                Make your way to the Desert Outpost of Sivania
                and try your best to survive the Desert
                Pyramid's traps if you dare. A high reward is
                waiting for those who survive.
                Several new tiles, items and game mechanics
                have been implement for this quest. We really
                hope you enjoy it. :)
        * Fixed a bug with crafting XP giving WAY too much XP.
        * Bombs and Dynamite no longer destroy tiles.
        * Bombs and Dynamite damage reduced to 25 and 50.
        * Renamed all new STW Guns to Pistols since they are.
        * Updated Space Gun Sprite to match STW style Pistols.
        * Renamed Space Gun to Space Phaser.
        * Updated Musket Balls to be craftable with Copper/Tin.
        * Shadow and Crimson armor sets should now work as
        * STW Fish tiers have been renamed:
              Old Name  -> New Name
              Small     -> Fry
              Big       -> Elder
              Huge      -> Ancient
        * ~NEW~ STW Fish added:
                Elder DoubleCod
                Ancient DoubleCod
                Elder Hemopiranha
                Ancient Hemopiranha
                Frost Minnow Fry
                Elder Frost Minnow
                Ancient Frost Minnow
        * Preloading projectiles to help with the lag caused
          when the first projectile in the game is fired.
          Still some lag - working on a fix for this.
        * Fixed all surface signs - There text should properly
          be there now.

    May 1st 2015:

    We've got quite the fishy update for you this week! We've have done a lot of work to revamp the Fishing Skill in Super Terraria World and this update is just the start! We've updated the Underground Lake in Sivania. Near the lake you will find the Angler NPC newly added to Sivania - read the sign at the entrance of the Mountain Pass for directions to Bait Shop! We've replaced the Terraria Angler Quest system with the Angler Challenge System - more information on the wiki!
    We've also started implementing our next quest: The Temple of Ra. While not yet released, it has been added to the Quest Log!

    ********************** Version 1.3a **********************
        * Remodeled the Underground Lake in Sivania:

        * ~NEW~ Fishing Challenges implemented! Visit the
                Angler at the underground Bait Shop in
                Sivania. Read the sign at the Mountain
                Underpass entrance for more information.
        * Replaced Angler's Quests with Fishing Challenges.
        * Revamped Fishing Skill for Adventure Mode.
          See the Wiki for more info:

        * Journeyman Bait is now craftable with 3 Gel.
        * Added Shadow (Demonite) Range and Mage Helms:
          Shadow Range Set Bonus:
              10% faster missile speed/use speed
          Shadow Mage Set Bonus:
              10% reduced mana usage
              10% faster use speed on magic items
        * Fixed a bug with Crismon Armor sets not requiring
          for set bonus.
        * Fixed sprite for Obsidian Bar.
        * Added Temple of Ra Quest to the Quest Log - Quest
          coming soon!
        * Edited some Quest Log text for Frozen Mirror on the

    April 17th 2015:

    Just wanted to announce that a new version of STW is available to download. This update includes a bunch of bug fixes. We'll hopefully have some new content for you all to play around with next week! :)

    ********************* Version 1.2.1a *********************
        * The Merchant NPC now sells Bottled Water instead of
          Empty Bottles.
        * Fixed display logic on the Chemistry Unlock Menu
          for potion unlock points between levels 47-52.
        * Fixed a bug that prevented XP gains for potions when
          you used your last ingredients.
        * Fixed a bug that prevented you from leveling up when
          you gained the exact amount of XP required to level.
        * Fixed a bug that prevented you from gaining potion
          unlock points.
        * Lowered the depth of where cave-ins can occur on
        * The Guide NPC will only offer the Quest option for
          Mushroom Picking when the active map is Sivania.

    April 2nd 2015:

    We are happy to announce that we have a new SP Beta Client out and ready for testing! This version has quite a lot of bug fixes and changes to current STW content as well as adding new content like cave-ins for the tunnels of Sivania! Please visit the download thread to get SP Beta v1.2a! View the changelog for a list of all the updates. Also please check out the Super Terraria World Wiki - we are adding new things everyday, and so can you! As always, feedback is vital to the success of this mod so please leave some. :)
        * ~NEW~ Cave-in algorithm implemented
              - Copper - Platinum ore can spawn in the tunnels of
        * ~NEW~ framework implemented for easy implementation
          of multi-use weapons (this caps 1 use projectiles
          aka boomerangs).
        * Mushrooms now correctly spawn like in Terraria.
        * Fixed a bug where boomerangs were able to be thrown
          more than once, before returning to the player.
        * All torches and glowsticks will be depleted over
          time, not just normal torches.
        * Added warning for glowsticks burning out (at
          3/4ths used).
        * No longer can you take items like torches, candles,
          bottles, books, etc... without enabling the single
          player beta option titled "Enable All Tile Mining".
        * Normalized/fixed Chemistry recipes for health/mana
              - Now all require bottled water
              - Now all make only one potion
              - New Recipes: (subject to change)
                    - Lesser Health/Mana:
                          - 1 Bottled Water
                          - 3 Gel
                          - 1 Mushroom/Slimey Mushroom
                    - Health/Mana:
                          - 2 Lesser Health/Mana Potions
                          - 1 Glowing Mushroom
                    - Greater Health/Mana:
                          - 2 Health/Mana Potions
                          - 1 Crystal Shard
                    - Super Health/Mana:
                          - 2 Greater Health/Mana Potions
                          - 1 Unicorn Horn
        * Neutral critters no longer grant XP.
        * Changed 100% drop rate of slimey mushrooms to 1 in
          3 after killing your first Mushroom Slime during
          the Mushroom Slime quest.
        * Fixed sprites for Orichalcum and Adamantite Arrows.
        * Added Crimson Magic and Range Helmet Variants.
              - Grant 2% Damage bonus when worn
        * Changed Crimson set effect to +5% lifesteal and +15%
          effectiveness on health regeneration effects.
        * Changed Shadow set effect
            Melee: +15% melee speed increase
              All styles: 25% chance on hit to inflict Shadow Damage
                        debuff to the NPC.
              - Currently only implemented for Melee.
              - Shadow Damage Debuff damages NPC over time.
        * Fixed Chemistry Buff Potion tooltips to accurately
          state the bonuses of each tier.
              - Buff Icons to be updated in a later release.
        * Updates to Sivania Map:
              - Fixed two areas that were inaccessible.
              - Added text to all the signs.
              - Various cleanups.

    March 22th 2015:

    The mod now has it's own wiki!

    March 20th 2015:

    It has been one week since we first released STW SP Beta and we are super happy with the feedback! We've been hard at work fixing bugs that you've found and we've also added some new tiles as well. If you'd like to see please visit the download thread because we've just released a new version of the SP Beta, v1.1a! The changelog has been updated in the thread as well, so please check it out!
    Edit: Please always replace your maps when we release new clients as well because they have been updated and the game most likely will crash if you try to do Adventure Mode.
        * ~NEW~ damage formula implemented. Fixes bugs with
          damage being reduced on weapons when you level up.
        * ~New~ furniture added to the game: Boreal Lectern
          Wooden Closet, Boreal Closet, and Palm Wood Closet.
        * Palm Wood and Boreal Wood Chest armor no longer
          crash the game when equipt.
        * The Guide (Siv) now correctly says the cave is to
          the west for Mushroom Picking Quest.
        * Added comma to the home screen copyright.
        * Updated Chemistry Unlock Menu hover text.
        * Added more rope to access the Island in Sivania
          more easily
        * Replaced the Wooden Signs in The Lost Caverns
          with Boreal Lecterns

    March 13th 2015:

    I am happy to announce that after many months of working we have released our current alpha version of Super Terraria World to conduct our Single Player Beta testing!
    Click here to go to the download an installation page!

    March 9th 2015:

    @Jestex has created a small spoiler video for you all to enjoy:

    March 9th 2015:
    Initial release of the STW Social Forums. Join the social forum to keep up to date with all things related to STW - like the official download link to the single player beta coming Friday March 13th!
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  16. Flippi

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    We have no plans to make this mod in any other language besides English.

    Small announcement for everyone: The Super Terraria World Social Forum has been created:

    Please join to get access to all things related to STW. The official download link to the Single Player Beta will be in the Social Forum :)
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  17. Jestex

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    A small spoiler
  18. Airborn

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    I hoped, that the transition would be possible without a loading screen. But since you are not going to the next world that often, it is not that bad.
  19. HeroGabe

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    Will Hardmode get into the mod at one point?
  20. zimberzimber

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    It's not a loading screen, its a map/server change.