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Name: Eve Razorclaw Dracella
Nickname(optional): Razor N/A
Age(can’t be over 18): 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian Asexual
Class: Warrior
Appearance: Eve has dark skin and dyed red hair. She has brown eyes and wears a navy blue sweatshirt with black sweatpants. Her shoes are white. Dracella‘s right arm and part of her right side is mutated similarly to the rest of the monsters. Her navy blue sweatshirt is torn on that side, but patched up in some places with black fabric. Her sweatpants are torn in several places and her shoes are dirty. The infected arm is reminiscent of a tentacle, and has teeth all the way up it.
Flaws: Too trusting. Has a short temper, and she’s a terrible shot.
Bonds (optional): The Monsters
Strengths: Makes friends easily. Boosted physical strength and speed due to being infected
Personality: Eve is a kind person who isn’t afraid to stand up for her friends. Dracella is a cruel, ruthless person who will sacrifice her underlings to save herself.
Relationships (optional):
Reese (Friend)
Klaire (Friend)

Other: An automatic pistol and a large amount of ammunition
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so I haven't managed to thought of a redesign for Razor........(probably have to use Heroforge tomorrow)
but for now, I leave it up to people (maybe draw one up, think one up, idk.)
why am I like this now I want to draw some of the characters in this rp
Tomorrow is enough pain already but rn it's 9pm
Only tip I can really give is to start simple, I used to just draw birds all the time and then eventually moved on to other things
I started with eyes mostly, and I can do those decently.
Honestly, my biggest problem is dimension, as usually the only problem with my art is that the sizes are wrong.
Welp, I have like 30 minutes and I have a ton of art plans
How much of a bad idea would it be to make concept art for Prayer or Unknown, when I have 30 minutes, and while I'm already pretty tired?
Drawing while tired isn’t a good idea, at least in my experience it often causes frustration when I’m too tired, and the final result won’t be as satisfactory as if you’re well rested.
But at the same time, I was planning on drawing stuff two days ago, but my Wednesday schedule got in the way too much, and then I wanted to draw yesterday and then I had a really bad headache and couldn't draw...
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