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I'm just gonna quote Cin's description, because he still isn't in the character list, you replied to that post with "Yeah, you're good", and I'm planning on intoducing him at the same time as Dark and Elian.
Name: Cin
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior/Mage
Flaws: He takes a while to warm up to others.
Bonds: ???
Strengths: He's ridiculously agile, and is very skilled with his sword. If he gets the right opportunity, he's capable of killing smaller monsters in one swing.
Personality: A bit cold and unforgiving at first, but very protective of people he trusts.
Relationships: ???
Other: text color is [COLOR=#914f55]#914f55[/COLOR]
(For some reason the official video is blocked on yt for me, so I have to link to an unofficial one this time. Sorry)
I didn't know you could add tools of my choice to my char. Can you just pop the brass knuckles into my CnP Zach?
ooo, this looks very interesting!
Name: Sunshine Andrews

Nickname: Sunny

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual, with female preference

Class: Mage/Warrior

Appearance: Long, wavy purple hair, with orange eyes that glow in the dark, like a cat. Has a scar on her face that goes from above her right eye to her jawbone. Has nose, ear, and eyebrow piercings. Always has drawings on her arms. She usually has your typical e-girl outfit on, complete with rainbow Converse high-tops and musroom knee socks. Has lots (and i do mean L O T S) of jewelry, most of which she keeps in her backpack. Muscular, and very tall, at around 6'5". This isn't very noticeable at first, but she also has very sharp teeth, and a lot of scars all over her body (the biggest being on her belly. she doesn't like to talk about it).

Flaws: Shy and anxious. She used to be very trusting, but after an incident involving the scar on her face, that changed. She's also forgetful and struggles with executive dysfunction and rejection sensitive dysphoria, because of untreated ADD. (awfully original of me, i know) Low stamina when it comes to running, and gets winded easily.

Bonds: She has a cat named Jiji that she cares about very deeply. This is probably because he's her familiar, hah. He is black with a white spot around one eye, and has heterochromia (one eye green, the other blue). He talks, too, and has a thick British accent.

Strengths: Very strong, and fast too! Good with knives, and also with plants and animals. Knows how to defend herself. Resourceful, and creative.

Personality: She's tired and distrustful, and sarcasm is 60% of her humor. She likes to threaten people that she dislikes, often using her fanged grin to scare them. She looks scary from a distance, but as time goes on, she will warm up to people and become very friendly. She's fond of music, plants, and animals. (i'll flesh out her personality more as time goes on)

Relationships: Jiji (familiar, best friend)

Other: A decent singer, and a good artist. She can also purr, for some odd reason. Her text color is #CC99FF, aka my current text color.

Sunny's belongings are as follows:
-A thermos with lots of stickers on it
-One of those baseball bat flashlight things
-a box of batteries
-A hatchet
-A long black knife with serrated edges (this is her tool of choice)
-A first aid kit
-A black My Chemical Romace hoodie
-A backpack containing a sketchbook with various art supplies, books on various plants and also magic, a bunch of crystals, and a big bag of dried mangoes, as well as various trinkets.

She's well-versed in witchcraft, specifically kitchen and green witchery, divination, and illusion work.
if it's allowed, i'd like to also give her an ipod and a pair of headphones, too
it's fine if it's not allowed though
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