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Terraria - Mac & Linux Open Beta

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@Loki I use tShock... tShock just came out for 3.0.6 like RIGHT NOW. Your already updated to 0.7!!! That means we got to wait for tShock... Can you please wait until a big update in big clunks so you don't do them all individual. It's annoying. Ruins server timing.

Thank you =)


I've opted into the beta by following the instructions, but the Install button isn't shown, and if I attempt to install Terraria using the contextual menu, then the following error message is presented:

Terrraria is not available on your current platform.

Restarting Steam had no effect.

Edit 1: Enabling and then disabling offline mode (from the Account submenu) resolved the problem. Yay!

Edit 2: When I now attempt to launch Terraria, the following error message is presented:

Failed to start game (missing executable).

I opened Terraria's installation folder and discovered that it's completely empty!

Edit 3: After opting into the beta again, I can now play! However, there is no background music whatsoever.
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Is... is glorious. I remember the day I saw that Windows laptop at the garage sale and was like "Wait, I can play Terraria now?"
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