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Terraria 1.4 on Consoles - So how's it like?

Random Fellow

Terraria recently released its final Jounrneys end update on consoles. Being a PC guy I was honestly still exicted for the launch for consoles. Now, seems like there are bugs, as expected but it also seems like they're getting terminated fast. But that aside, how is 1.4 on consoles so far? You guys are lucky, sure you got it late but I would give anything to experience the update for the first time again, such a cool update. Reinvigorated my interest in the game and felt like playing a whole new game, like you guys are spoiled, you'll know what I mean 2 months after you beat the Moon Lord on a new 1.4 world.

Anyways, hows it like? Having fun? Build anything cool? How major are the bugs now? And hey maybe if you're a PC guy you can share your first 1.4 experience.

Lucky bastards getting the update late
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