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Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying the recently released console update! We were very excited to bring this content to you, but in doing so, there have been a number of new and preexisting bugs cropping up that we’d like to keep track of and address. As part of our mission to communicate as clearly and openly with you as possible, we will be using this thread to keep track of and update issues with the non-Nintendo console versions of Terraria, so that you can see where we stand on each of them. This includes PS3, PS4, PS Vita, 360, and Xbox One.

We all believe it’s just as important for you to know about what’s being fixed as it is to know when we still can’t reproduce a problem or don’t have a solution yet, so we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop on all going’s on. Due to how software development works, you may not hear about updates for stretches at a time, so please be patient while we collect, reproduce, isolate, and fix these issues.

Things may also seem slightly messy at first as we filter all the data and get everything organized and vetted against our own internal systems, but again, this will serve as a great one-stop place for you to see what’s going on with the current version and future updates.

Without any further ado, let’s get to it!

Top Platform-Specific Issues:

Xbox One & Xbox 360:
  • Xbox One-Xbox 360 Cross-Saves not working properly: UPDATED INFO -
    We have narrowed down the Xbox 360/Xbox One cross-save issue to an interaction between Terraria and systems on Microsoft's end. Microsoft has been great in working hand in hand with us to get things up and running just as soon as possible - stay tuned!

Reproduced by QA, Planned Fixes for Future Update:

  • Waterleaf no longer needs to be submerged in water to bloom
  • Megashark sound is far too slow for its fire rate. Video attached.
  • Acorns will not grow on Sand when planted, therefore yielding no Palm Trees.
  • Glass walls have lines across them instead of being a single wall (includes newly places walls)
  • Tiles do not have priority over Walls when torches are placed. Basically when the Torch is placed, it will always attach to the wall, not a tile if it is right next to it.
  • Gemsparks blocks apparently do have an issue. They aren't bright enough during night like they should be.
  • Blizzard Staff shards are unable to be moved and fall slowly
  • Tempest Staff will fire a projectile when all minion slots are already filled, instead of merely trying to summon another tornado. Video attached below
  • Cannot use weapons while in mine carts
  • Boreal wood armor chest plate has texture of Shadow Armor (
  • Wrong sprite for boreal trees. They do drop boreal wood and they do grow, but that's not how they should look. They should have a darker shade.
  • Corruption "Pots", when broken, explode into Lihzhard Pot " Gore" when broken.
  • Corruption Thorns grow straight up, and will not jut out in different directions.
  • Music Box (Snow) and Music Box (Ice) play the wrong tracks. They should be reversed.
  • Next credit update, we need to add John "Exotic Charm" Blackford
  • The fin wings that you get as a reward from the angler have the same issue as the fishron wings. There is no horizontal acceleration. It instead mimics whatever your run speed is.
  • Player can pass through jungle temple doors without using the key (
  • Duke Fishron's Eyes will turn a red color instead of Yellow when he initiates stage 2 of his attack phases.
  • Paladins Hammer creates a visual bug when thrown occasionally. Hammer will appear in Random areas either near or far away from the character.
  • Lavafall blocks (and hence lavafall walls) do not work. They at least show up in the crafting section, but the "crystal ball & lava" station is in red like it doesn't exist.
  • Fireworks have an issue. The host cannot see fireworks set off by guests. It doesn't matter who buys or places them; the host can only see what he himself sets off. Guests can see everything fine]<>
  • Music Boxes will open when the player approaches them, and close when not close. However when turned on, they will shut close when you are close, and open when you move away. Video demonstration provided below.
  • Player unable to use Magic Seed or Squashling Pet
  • Fall damage is hilariously wrong. If I'm doing the math correctly, my experiments are showing that somebody multiplied it by 10
  • When a Gold Chest is mined (may happen to other chests) with items still in it in Multiplayer, the chest will disappear Client Side, while the Host will still see it.
  • Watch the arapaima that Doyle shoots with a cursed bullet, then I will explain more. Before the update, there was an issue where the host wouldn't see debuffs caused by a guest. The guest could see everything and the host could see his own debuffs that he caused, though. Well, the update came out and we have a new issue. Now the host sees everything, and the guest sees nothing. This is regardless to who did the debuff. They obviously tried to fix the issue (and they technically did for the host), yet they ended up creating a new one that's arguably worse.
  • Bunny spawns when placing dirt block in midair. "Whenever I try and place a dirt block in midair and it's not connected or touching anything it spawns a bunny and uses the block" (Xbox 360)
  • Truffle worms are spawning infinitely from my Horseman's Blade (
    ) [360]
  • Worms do not spawn by breaking a background rock object.

Unable to Reproduce:

  • Fishron wings have incredibly slow wing speed when used in the air. (Need to test in water as well)
  • Players cannot open presents dropped by enemies
  • Apparently, you can't reel in fish. It just keeps creating new lines. I've heard about a similar glitch, but now I can confirm that it is an issue
  • Web Slinger disappeared from inventory after patch

Still Testing / In Progress:

  • Mine cart not jumping off rail correctly when there is a gap (Intended?) For example. you just built a mine cart rollercoaster and you want to make a jump over...let's say lava. At this point your mine cart would go right into the lava instead of jumping over to the next portion of track. [Vita]
  • During play I noticed the crash had an error code to it which was (C2-12828-1) I'm trying to find out all I can about this error code. I've heard this code has been seen in various games and not just Terraria. [Vita]
  • Duped Items left from the old glitch the cause? [Vita]
  • Music Box (Tutorial) can have a prefix. Prefix will change when mined, to have a different one, or not one at all. Image attached.
  • Furthermore, there is a weird glitch that can happen for the guest when turning them on/off with a switch. Nike has a screenshot that can better explain!AGXZF8qXbdh0SsY&cid=992F9C7D416102C5&id=992F9C7D416102C5!111&parId=992F9C7D416102C5!106&o=OneUp
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I sure hope you fix all of the bugs in the next update so we can have a glitch-free game.
Oh, I think for a platform specific glitch, the PS4 version's fall damage is 10X. not sure why it's happening. Fall Damage glitch (thread)
Fishron wings have incredibly slow wing speed when used in the air. (Need to test in water as well)
Let me test that for you... their speed in air and water is the same.
Megashark sound is far too slow for its fire rate. Video attached.
Not just Megashark, this happens to most rapid auto-fire guns. (EX: Chain gun)
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I was the one who reported the mine cart not jumping correctly. if you compare the PS4 version with the Vita version you'll notice a difference. Instead of jumping how it should like it does in the PC version or even the PS4 version it sort of has a downward velocity. you'd have to see it first hand to know what I'm talking about.

What I mean is there's very little jump arc at all vs the way it's supposed to be. personally I'd like this to be one of the first bugs fixed after the infamous random crash bug as I love making rollercoasters with the rails. there are some smaller sound issues with the new console update as well as some graphical things when using the razorblade typhoon on Vita. I can confirm that you can't use weapons while in the minecart. you can't use any other item while in either so you can't use bug nets, axes, pickaxes...anything.

for the presents they ARE openable. you open your inventory and press Triangle or Y depending on your console preference between Playstation and Xbox.
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I just found out that some traps (mainly Lihzahrd) can be generated in upside down slopes. This isn't supposed to happen...
it deleted my sumoner and copied my mage over my sumoner so now i have 2 of the exact same players. the bug occurred when i was on my world and i had it set as an online world but it randomly said i disconnected from psn (but my ps3 didnt sign out), and and it returned to the terraria menu and then my game froze for five seconds. when the game unfroze it asked did i want to delete player without showing a player sprite so selected no and my game froze again but then it opened my world it disconnected form before (without showing a loading screen) but my curser was stuck at the top-left of my players head. i pressed start and selected main menu and it when to the main menu. i selected play and i had 2 mages and no sumoner. i was on a ps3 and i had autosave on, i dont know if autosave mattered but im just telling it anyway i hope u can help figure out the problem. thank you.
I have found a glitch in the update, when playing multiplayer or even singleplayer your minecart flouts in the air or goes underground while going really fast on the minecart, also if your on the minecart and you go to place a block or use a weapon you fall out of the minecart, and if you jump off the minecart track and fall until dieing from like 3000 - 5000 fall damage. Please fix these things, because me and my cousin have been waiting forever for this update and it's kinda depresing


Will their ne fixes for the missing console items
Spider staff
Spider set
Optic staff

Yes in early 2016
Platform - Xbox One
Problem: (Online Multiplayer Session Bug) Game crashing completely, sending to Xbox Home Menu mid-battle with Duke Fishron

How to recreate
: Play a online multiplayer session with a friend and battle Duke Fishron mid-way through the battle the game will crash without fail. (Has happened 11 times, we alternated who's world and who was host. Problem still persisted.)

Fixes: None at this time. The battle with Duke Fishron alone in your world works fine though. I have not tested Split-screen co-op yet, that may still be viable.

Original Post: Anyone else having problems when battling Fishron and the game crashing and going to the home menu? I have had the game crash every single time I have attempted to battle him and an extended period of time has lapsed. About 5-6 minutes into the battle the game freezes and crashes. I was playing online multiplayer every time. I was the host every time. The other player I was playing with also had their game freeze and go to home screen at the same time mine did.

*Updated to reflect new information regarding this bug with the testing me and my friend have done as of 12/26/15.*
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This is a bug for Xbox Transfering. I recently transferred a Xbox 360 save to the Xbox One. (Character and world) Everytime I try to load up the transferred character with the transferred world the game completely crashes and unable to play. `:cry:
You can open presents dropped by enimies? Did it tons of times after I made a new character for this update.Could I also say that the glowing mushroom(truffle pet) is another pet you can't use.

Did you try opening the presents up in your inventory instead of the hotbar?
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