Terraria: No Greater Labor of Love Nominee - Get Your Votes in Today!

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Terraria played a huge part in my gaming history. this was the game that taught me that you don't need friends who play to enjoy the game. I would love it to get the award.
Extremely rare I engage with steam, can only remember giving a review to tekken 7 but I had to give something to my friend Terraria.

The best PC game to exist and I've been around since Sim City 2000 and the early Command and Conquers, you deserve everything Relogic.
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The two games I knew were Terraria and Among Us. Among Us I feel is just there because people wanted to nominate it for something, and I've only been playing for a few weeks. Terraria, on the other hand, I've been playing for years. You could have abandoned the mobile version, but you didn't, and that is why I am giving you my vote.
Can’t say I’m not too surprised CS:GO won, it is the most actively played game on steam. Of course the heavy support of players carried it to win, oh well.
It must be a different reason for me, I bought it on PC a while back.
Well, in PC, Terraria can be bought from Steam and/or GOG, and I own the GOG version (that's why, of course, one of the reason why I can't vote). If you can't vote on Steam, the only thing I know is because you haven't bought a game (or any other thing) on your Steam account worth at least $5. Other than that, I don't know much, I am not a Steam gamer.

Anyway, Terraria didn't win? Well... at least Terraria will always be one of the best in my heart.
no persuading your toddler community any more lol csgo won and deserved it

Stay classy... and that depends, I guess, on what you feel the award should represent.

what the hell is csgo???

An ancient F2P game that is supported via mtx and a massive "for money" player economy. It won because it has a massive playerbase - same reason GTA V won twice and Warframe before it. Same reason Witcher 3 (no updates since 2015) was nominated. These will all wash out over the next few years and then MAYBE the award can finally be given to actually deserving games that fit the description. ;)
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