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Terraria: Otherworld Terraria Otherworld: Bringing You Up to Speed

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Duke Fishron
So, :red:ing, epic. I literally can't wait. I've been stoked since the first words about the game. Looking at these 2 screenshots, I'm dying because the game is not out yet. Can I please be a pre-alpha tester, please, I just want to taste this game, taste it real good.. I'm 100% sure it'll be more delicious than my favorite meal. That's a compliment. I'd not mind paying more for this game than for Terraria. Terraria 1 is such a good deal, on Steam sale you hardly pay €3 for it. The game is worth €60. This one will be as well.


Well this is surprising.... and awesome, I do have a couple questions, more about the actual game. (Don't have to answer if you don't want to... :) ) Will "Pre-hardmode and Hardmode" be a thing in this game? As we purify the corruption, or the crimson, or both, will it get harder and harder to purify? Could there possibly be easter eggs or references to Terraria? Terraria does have a "Final boss", the moon lord, will this one have one? Maybe before you can truly purify the land, you must defeat the one who put it there in the first place??? I have a lot more questions... but I'll stop b/c I feel that I'm asking too much... looks amazing...!


Staff member
  • Expert Mode: not currently planned that I know of (at least not at launch)....but Terraria didn't have it at launch either. That will be a general thing to keep in mind: Terraira had 5 years to ramp up with post launch content to reach where it is today. Goal here is to launch a rock solid game to start and then repeat that pattern with post launch goodies. So, who knows - EM could be a thing one day. ;)

  • Weight - as in limited carrying weight on top of inventory? No. That's probably a bit too "sim" for a Terraria game.

  • Date - in all candor, "when it's done". The game still needs a good bit of work. Though the pace and quality has already stepped up quite a bit....it's impossible to even guess at a window of time as of yet. When we feel comfortable doing so, rest assured that we will. :)

Quality first always.

  • Announced platforms remain the same so far: PS/Mac as well as Xbox One and PS4 (which may launch a touch later to give time to iron out any kinks from the PC launch, but we will see). Any other platforms (future consoles, mobile, etc) are certainly things we might do - but our focus is on getting the core game nailed first rather than trying to launch on 10 platforms at once.

  • We will probably share a spoiler or two around multiplayer some time in the future - so I will defer that answer for now. ;)
  • Price - hasn't been set really yet. Our focus right now is on getting a game together that is worthy of your business. We will figure that out later once we get to that point.
  • Progression - well, TOW will have a more distinct storyline than Terraria does...so it's safe to think that things will progress and present greater challenges as you go. How all that works? Well we don't want to spoil too much. ;)

It will be fun to share the new stuff - as well as the reworked stuff you guys have maybe seen before - as time marches on. Sorry again for the long silence.

Will answer more as I can and is prudent :cool:



Now I hope you actually put out progress reports now instead of leaving us in the dark for another 7 months.
Umm hi so I would like to say that this update is really helpful. I would also like to make a suggestion to add hunger as an extra challenge.


Dungeon Spirit
ayyyyy lmao

(I'm really hyped for this game)
Umm hi so I would like to say that this update is really helpful. I would also like to make a suggestion to add hunger as an extra challenge.
Why is this update 'helpful'? And I don't think that relogic games should include hunger.
I really don't like tower defense games but i really love Terraria and i am willing to give this tower defense idea a try. I am wondering/hoping that there will be ether a way to play without the tower defense like it not being needed to play and beat the game or a mode without it or if the game will not heavily rely on the tower defense aspect. I know people will read this and probably say just wait for Terraria 2 but i like the graphics and design that you guys have come up with. I put 100s of hours into terraria on pc and played a good 30hrs or 40hrs on ps4, I couldnt really get into the controls for console lol. I can't wait to see more and i can't wait to play this game.


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The user interface certainly looks much better compared to earlier screenshots. Damn that is cool looking lava. Lots of things have improved compared to many months ago.

Leveling Up Weapons looks like it's going to be very fun! The wait may be long. But like all awesome games, the great games are worth waiting for. So take all the time it needs to ensure it meets high quality standards!
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