Terraria State of the Game - April 2019

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I recently got a email from a forum thread I was watching (PC update.. well, this thread here) that said "1.3.6 is canceled". But when I clicked on it, it redirect me to other random threads about mods. I don't know what happened here, the only thread I watch is the one that PC update are made. Maybe that has to do with it ? 1.3.6 is canceled because there is so many thing that it should just be 1.4 at this point.

That email is not reality:

1. Nothing is cancelled

2. Omni is an admin working behind the scenes on TCF upgrades (he was the one that fixed the forum issues already)

3. He is working on an even bigger set of upgrades - in testing that, he posted a joke thread.... and forgot to untick the send emails box

4. So - you got an email.... but you cant see the thread

and that is all it is - sorry for the confusion

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If there's a closed beta for Mobile, does that mean there will be a closed beta for Switch? if so, I'd love to sign up immediately :happy:. Thanks for all your hard work!
The mobile and Switch versions are being done by completely separate teams, and to the best of my knowledge there has been no decision about a pre-release beta test for Switch involving the community. Rest assured that if in fact that does happen, there will be a very public announcement for that.


Cant wait for mobile 1.3, i also noticed the grapplestick, and other controls slightly changed to make it much easier. Only thing id ask for is a way to change controls transparency.

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We pushed it a bit early this month due to the upcoming Easter holiday causing some interference in our normal cadence. :)

Ah, I see. Then that is a good thing you all have sent it out today. Can’t have an Easter celebration while creating this well-thought-out thread at the same time, amirite? ~:p


Moon Lord looks so excited that he is clutching his hands and firing a Deathray, knowing that he will be the “star” (pun intended) of the show when the update eventually rolls out! ~:p


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So does that mean you’ve already transitioned to Beta testing for Switch? Last we heard it was alpha but you wrapped up this SOTG saying “we’ll be off to the races”. Unless by that, you meant you’ll be going into beta?

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The best part of PC is that you are giving more life to the game!
Kinda surprising that we haven't seen any spoiler of a new boss or event, which is something I'm waiting since a big update like 1.3.6 can't come just like that without a new boss or event

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I saw a screen with the rabbit pet in mobile, how it can be obtainable being something from PC that you can only get by buying a special edition of the game?
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