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Terraria State of the Game - August 2020

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Well i'm utmost glad to hear 1.4 for consoles is still going teasers haha! Cannot wait!!

As for the new achievements/accomplishments/trophies etc. I still need to figure out how to go against all the new bosses on PC alone haha but figuring out how without googling is teasing me to atleast load up the game and find out as i'm just doing the celestial pillar's in Journey... I know un-related but anyone able to give me a subtle hint on where to start with going against Queen Slime atleast please? (Maybe the worst of the bunch other than the other big fairy Boss in the Hallow lol)


Great. Now that DR Studios will handle over console, it would be a very hard job to keep both console AND MOBILE is in good State.


Duke Fishron
Holding out hope, with every State of the Game, that an expansion of Echo Blocks gets added. Echo Walls and Item Frames are 100% necessary. Please don't make us create a mod just to add something the game should totally have.
The whole point of endorsing the modding community was for us to take control of the game. Adding EVERYTHING that this now massive community wants would take at least a few eternities, and a lot of the most wanted additions can be very polarized. So, modding! Free choice!

Moor Oakheart

Oh, news! Thanks for keep giving us news on the game!

I am quite excited for the new achievement. I wonder what will it tells us to do.
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